Zeitgeist​ hot token is available. What about the IP3 coin?


Zeitgeist​ hot token is available. What about the IP3 coin? 


Zeitgeist is an evolving blockchain created specifically for prediction markets and futarchy. The latter is a type of governance that uses prediction markets to reach a consensus. The team noted that the core functionality of the Zeitgeist’s networks focuses on a decentralized protocol for trading, as well as creating prediction markets.

Prediction markets are financial markets trading on the outcomes of a future event. Extensive research has shown that such markets are the best method to get accurate forecasts of future events. Zeitgeist will evolve over time under the control of its decentralized governance system. Part of this governance system will use futarchy to help its users. The platform will include such governance on the base layer. Thus, it will become the first layer-1 blockchain that is governed natively by futarchy.

The Zeitgeist network is a parachain, and it deploys to the Kusama Relay Chain. The project has had two separate testnets. The current testnet Battery Station is fully operational with 1,000+ nodes operated by the community, as well as more than 2000 daily users on the Beta version of the app. The team has also developed all core launch functionality.

Currently, the Zeitgeist Beta application is operating in semi-closed Beta testing. It’s authorized through the use of an NFT. The company has already created more than 200 markets on Beta. More than 2000 people visit the website daily. However, the cornerstone of the Zeitgeist product is its application.


What about Zeitgeist’s ecosystem? 

Zeitgeist is a permissionless platform. It offers prediction market primitives for any builder or developer to build on top of. The company has met with a number of engaged builders that have expressed interest in integrating or creating a product on top of this blockchain. However, it plans to start the Zeitgeist Foundation as a grant program. In such a way, the company will foster and sustain the development of new products on the platform.

Zeitgeist has already partnered with RMRK. They continue to collaborate on new ideas related to prediction markets and NFTs.

There are more than 31,400 people that follow Zeitgeist across all social channels. According to the team, official social channels have 18,400 followers on Twitter and 4,800 members on Discord. Moreover, there are 1400 members on LinkedIn and more than 5,800 participants on Telegram.

The company’s China Ecosystem team has also grown to a community of more than 1,000 users in total. At the same time, unofficial social channels have emerged for communities in diverse geographic regions such as Ukraine, Turkey, and more.

The team created a native utility token, ZTG, for the platform. ​The genesis supply of the token is 100,000,000. Users will be able to pay transaction fees with ZTG. Furthermore, the token holders will be able to propose and vote on governance decisions; stake tokens and decide disputes; and use ZTG as a bond for creating new prediction markets. It will be the base currency in prediction markets.

The company launched ZTG’s ICO sale on June 20, 2022, and it will end today. This POLKADOT token is already quite popular on various platforms. The price of 1 ZTG is 1.25 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $120,000 with the sale.


CRIPCO also plans to launch its trending token soon. What does it offer?   

NFTs are becoming more and more popular. It’s clear that they represent the future of digital ownership. However, existing NFT marketplaces have a number of issues. Nowadays, open marketplaces represent the wild-west of the non-fungible tokens’ world. They are rife with copycat NFTs, as well as low-quality products and wild speculation. There are also various legal issues surrounding copyright infringements. Even though curated marketplaces have somewhat improved the user experience, their opaque decision-making still offers little public accountability.

CRIPCO aims to change all that. It’s the first industry-led DAO NFT platform worldwide. And it brings together industry stakeholders, artists, brands, influencers, and platforms in the governance of CRIPCO. The team stated that its customers could be assured of the exclusivity, quality, value, and utility of their NFTs.

The company implemented a Solana-native DAO to handle the curation process, as well as manage platform development. Moreover, CRIPCO can provide public accountability and guarantee transparency in its decision-making. The company will also ensure the alignment of user and platform interests and outcomes.

CRIPCO has its own native token, IP3, which is quite popular. The company plans to launch its ICO sale on July 8, 2022. The price of this ERC20 coin will be 0.2 USD during the initial coin offering. The total amount of tokens is 300,000,000, but only 12% will be available for purchase at this stage. The team aims to raise $600,000 with the sale.


What are the key features of the CRIPCO platform? 

The team designed CRIPCO in such as manner that it follows the Governor Bravo framework. Compound developed this framework, and it’s widely adopted in the Defi space. Using the Governor Bravo framework, the company will provide the following features for its platform: Voting Right via Address: A DAO member will be able to vote only after they register their voting rights to an address; Secure 3rd Party Delegation Vote Casting: DAO members will be able to authorize a third party to submit a vote on their behalf by using a digital signature. In this case, the DAO member will use their private key to sign a voting transaction which the 3rd party can then submit to the network. However, the team limited the authorized voting power to a single proposal. The DAO member will still be able to use their vote as long as the signed transaction hasn’t been submitted, though.

Furthermore, the company offers Moderate Efficiency via Staking. The latter means that a proposer must stake a certain amount of IP3 to create a proposal. Users will receive the same amount of IP3 as a refund when the voting ends. Voting Reason is another great feature: Voters will be able to add a text comment when voting. The company will also ensure high flexibility for voters.


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