WOMBAT and GTP tokens are in the spotlight. Why’s that?


Wombat is an innovative Web 3 Gaming platform. It facilitates the ongoing paradigm shift with a strong focus on gamers’ needs, security, simplicity, and comfort. Its team aims to minimize the entry barriers for gamers as well as game publishers and studios to utilize NFTs. The company also wants to bring Web 3 Games to the mass market.

Wombat plans to launch its native utility token on July 27, 2022. WOMBAT is an ERC20 token and its price will be 0.006 USD during the initial coin offering. The total amount of tokens is 10,000,000,000, but only 22% will be available for sale at this stage. The platform will accept USDT in exchange for WOMBAT.

Nowadays, the gaming industry is booming with 3.2bn gamers, $60bn trading volume and $180bn in revenues on secondary markets for digital goods such as items or skins. Almost all games are closed environments, with game publishers and studios owning and managing them. Individuals or tight-knit teams control every aspect, including game balancing, the value of the in-game currency, the number of items, and how users can trade items and assets on closed marketplaces. Surveys show that these mechanics have already attracted billions of users. However, there’s a big drawback. Such platforms actually reduce the gamer to a mere consumer spending time and money without true ownership of anything.

What benefits do NFTs offer? 

It’s true, blockchain enables true ownership of digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens can represent various claims, for example, for utilizing special moves, accessing selected tournaments, or for displaying unique art as a skin on a game character. Besides, games supporting NFTs have already made some buzz in the Defi world. Traditional game studios and publishers can also benefit from NFTs in many ways. One of the most important benefits is the fact that players spend 10x more per item when it is an NFT as opposed to a regular item in a closed game. For instance, the average revenue per user (ARPU) in Axie Infinity is $100 per owner. On the other hand, the ARPU for Pokemon Go is approximately $3-$5.

The wombat team believes that this is just the beginning. True digital ownership will come with a paradigm shift in gaming. Customers will buy into the idea of owning the assets and thus protecting their position. They can even try maximizing their returns by levelling up game characters or by purchases of booster packs, hoping to trade these digital assets on open marketplaces. As a result, players will transform from mere consumers to asset owners and investors of money, time, and skill in “play-to-earn” gaming environments.

The team members think that five years from now, no one will be able to imagine a time when games did not utilize NFTs, as today no one can imagine buying games on floppy discs. Web 3 Gamers are already enjoying the fact that they get extra benefits by earning and transacting their in-game assets as NFTs or tokens. That makes gaming much more appealing.

What does Wombat offer? 

Wombat platform allows gamers to participate in the virtual economy, and monetize playing time and achievements. Moreover, it makes NFT ownership a social experience that users can share with friends and peers. That’s why the team calls Wombat “The Web 3 Gaming Platform”.

The Wombat App boasts integrated functionalities optimized for gamers: NFT Gallery, Wallet, NFT Marketplace, Dapp Explorer, Game Rewards (Womplay), Token Swaps and Fiat on- and off-ramps. It’s a crucial part of the project. This app provides players with all the functionalities to store, manage, monetize, exploit, and interact with digital assets inside and outside their favourite games.

The team believes that gaming is first and foremost about fun, and entertainment. Thus, Wombat will provide gamers with its Web 3 Gaming Platform that comes equipped with great features. Its users will be able to find new interesting games that offer cryptos or NFTs as an incentivization and monetization mechanism for their gaming efforts; Share game progress and NFTs with their gaming community and closest gamer friends; Store, transfer, manage, and interact with their digital assets.

Furthermore, the platform will enable them to trade, lend, borrow, swap, or stack their cryptos and NFTs into fiat currencies on established exchanges, as well as third-party marketplaces. Customers will also have access to Defi ecosystems with their digital assets. They will be able to monetize their playtime and gaming efforts in their favourite games and as a result, receive cryptos or NFTs as incentives or rewards.

Why should players choose this platform? 

According to the team, the Wombat Web 3 Gaming Platform has made it extremely easy for players to start their journey in Web 3. They will be able to get acquainted with tokens and NFTs, enjoying the experience of making game assets theirs without any difficulties.

Furthermore, the company has partnered with leading publishers and game studios from both the traditional (Web 2) gaming space and Web 3. It has already integrated 20 publishers with over 40 games into the Womplay Game Reward system since June 2022.

Technologically, this platform supports a variety of blockchain networks. It also continues to integrate technologies with strong adoption in the Gaming and NFT space. The interoperability of the Wombat App, as well as the digital assets managed with it, are essential for players to be able to transfer NFTs from one blockchain to another in a user-friendly and barrier-free way in the future.

GT-Protocol plans to launch its native token soon. What does it offer? 

GT-Protocol is a decentralized, secure and transparent solution. It allows any entity or person to create a Defi smart-contract pool. Customers can use the latter for collecting funds from contributors and liquidity management on Defi markets based on a profit-sharing model. They can also get access to on-chain P&L pools rating, as well as the option to join any pool via MetaMask.

The company also stated that it protects users’ funds thanks to smart contracts. A pool owner can transparently manage the latter without the funds’ withdrawal possibility.

GT-Protocol aims to launch its GTP token in July 2022. The price of this BEP-20 coin will be 0.2 USD during the initial coin offering. The total amount of the tokens is 100,000,000.




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