Why Is Cardano Climbing Past Solana?


Why is Cardano Climbing Past Solana?

Cardano’s price soars into the sky, leaving it with the failure of its rival Solana. Still, things have sparked an unexpected interest from investors in cryptocurrencies, which people call the killer of Ethereum; Cardano was at $0.64. Monday 12.75% – up 31.9% last week. No other blue-chip cryptocurrency made such a profit amid recent market volatility. Compared to the Cardano price promotion, Solana fell 10.8% last week to $39.68.

Solana is a competitor of Cardano in payment speed, intelligent contract capability, and minimum transaction fees. Investors view both cryptocurrencies as blue-chip blockchain technology; Both were set up in 2017. Both networks can place smart contracts like NFT. However, Cardono has a broader community of support, which seems to have accounted for much of the price action.

Cardano’s recent price action has shown that it is ahead of the cryptocurrency capitalization rating; it Took sixth place, while Solana dropped to ninth. Experts predicted that June and July could become “Cardano Summer”. The cryptocurrency has a significant update in June, followed by a second in July. According to crypto analysts, this will significantly impact the crypto industry.

Investors estimate that Vasil Hard Fork coming to Cardano will add huge benefits. Projects launched at ADA will have a significant impact on this industry. Vasil Hard Fork will likely allow more data to fit into each intelligent contract transaction, improve settlement speeds, reduce transaction fees, and extend Cardano intelligent contracts.

Cardano – What to Expect

Smart contracts allow blockchain transactions to share currencies, land, work ownership, royalties, and personal health data. Cardano’s July update, Ouroboros Genesis, will allow investors to transfer USDC Stabilcoin from the Ethereum blockchain to the Cardano blockchain, Using the Milkomeda Bridge application. This is a turning point in Cardano’s interaction with the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cardano’s current market capitalization is over $21.6 billion. However, the benefits of Cardano can be offset by the advent of Etherium 2.0. If Ethereum successfully integrates its “sharding” update, which will also happen this summer, It can solve problems with the current blockchain scale; Accordingly, it allows settlement rates of 100,000 transactions per second. This will be a substantial improvement compared to its current 30 transactions per second, which leads to an excessive transaction fee.

However, Vasil Hard Fork may significantly increase this “challenge” perspective. Even after the August Ethereum renewal, gas prices may not change. Most people argue about this, which is the cost of conducting a transaction on Ethereum. According to some analysts, the transaction with Etherium is costly, and even more so during the Great NFT and the like.


Most crypto assets experienced significant sales, which sent Bitcoin back below $30,000. The value of the crypto market dropped below $1.3 trillion. Bitcoin price was about $29.5 thousand, which decreased by 5% during the day. Ether traded at around $1,730, down about 6% over the same period.

Other significant altcoins, such as SOL and ADA, which rose sharply earlier, were red. Volatility in crypto markets has declined again, and the index of fear and greed has increased somewhat; However, it remains firmly in the zone of extreme fear. Over the past month, Bitcoin has stagnated in the tight range from $28,000 to $31.5 thousand. Investors expect more clarity on whether the economy will enter a recession if it can withstand the storm.

Several price measures must be changed for the crypto market to grow again. Experts believe that the study presented by them revealed additional shortcomings. This is mainly due to the slightly adverse conditions of Altcoins and the apparent lack or loss of enthusiasm for investing in cryptocurrencies from Asian retail markets. It is clear that cryptocurrencies need to show much more capabilities; To attract additional investors to the industry.

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