What is Kamakura NFT, and how do I get it?


What is Kamakura NFT, and how do I get it?

Have you ever wondered what Kamakura NFT actually means and how you can get it? For which reason almost the whole world goes crazy for these fantastic Non-Fungible Tokens that pretend to transform the art world?

There are several answers to such a thing, and we will provide you with everything below. NFTs have, undoubtedly, become one of the most famous inventions of the second decade of the 21st century, providing artists, collectors, and fans with many benefits.

Kamakura NFT is just one in a series of well-known NFTs that are worth paying attention to and investing in. But before we give you all the essentials of this NFT, let’s explain to absolute beginners the meaning of these tokens, shall we?

Definition and explanation of NFT

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, and it refers to a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on Blockchain technology, a special kind of distributed ledger. NFTs are typically associated with digital files such as audio, video, or photo, but you may also find them as GIFs, tweets, memes, etc.

As mentioned above, the ownership of a non-fungible token is recorded in Blockchain technology, allowing NFTs to be traded and sold. At the same time, owners could transfer them as they wish. Since non-fungible tokens are known to be uniquely identifiable, it’s evident that they differ from cryptocurrencies that are fungible.

What is also crucial to remember, as an NFT admirer and beginner in this fast-growing industry, is that NFTs provide a public certificate of authenticity or proof of ownership. However, legal rights conveyed by a Non-Fungible token are still uncertain. One NFT cannot restrict the copying or sharing of its associated digital file.

So, what about the Kamakura NFT? Why do crypto enthusiasts seem to become almost obsessed with this specific NFT? Let’s find out more about Kamakura, shall we?

Kamakura NFT – get all the essential information.

Kamakura (鎌倉) refers to a collection of 3333 digital Samurai and warriors known as “Shinobis” defending Kamakura Village in Solana NFT marketplace. It is a special kind of collection, including digital art such as unique digital ninjas that reside on the Solana Blockchain technology.

In general, Kamakura village represents a place where a military government is set up, commonly known as the “Kamakura shogunate”.

Every Kamakura gets started with Academy Students, a ranking system that lifts as you spend a $RAMEN token to reach higher ranks. As citizenship, which grants access to the ACADEMY to earn 10$RAMEN on a daily basis, your Kamakura doubles.


A brief story of Kamakura Shinobi

In order to fully understand the Kamakura NFT project, you must get the whole picture. That’s why you’ll need to read the full story of Kamakura Shinobi from its earliest day until now.

So, in these earliest days in the land of the rising sun, there was a system of feudal lords. In that ancient period of the Kamakura samurais, the feudal system in Japan had its ranks.

These exquisite warriors protected those with power from their evil opponents and those who seemed to be lesser than others. There was an emperor at the top. Shoguns were the ones that followed; daimyos trailed behind shoguns, while artisans, merchants and peasants were at the bottom with the least power.

The goal of Kamakura samurais

Even if they were known as protectors of the powerful and wealthy people and landowners, the Kamakura samurais were ranked just one level above the poorest of the whole land.

While there were battles all over the country, samurais fought and worked over Solana to rise in ranks, become a daimyo, and own their warrior band, becoming the shogun or ruler of the entire Japanese military.

The main question arises, will these Kamakura samurais achieve their goals of becoming shogun of daimyos while fighting for their lives? Will Samurai be forced to commit kamikaze in the middle of the battle, or will they be kicked out of the ruling class entirely to live just like peasants? It’s yet to be determined.

Kamakura NFT Statistics

Total Supply: Collection of 3333 Kamakura (SOLD OUT)
Liquidity Pool Stats: No Locked up Staking; 500 SOL Additional liquidity pool and 500 SOL Initial Liquidity Pool;
Mint Price: 1.25 SOL
Matrica DAO: All Exclusive Channels for Kamakura NFT Community!
Sales Bot: Discord Sales Bot and Kamakura Floor Price Bot, Twitter Sales Bot.
Roles: Shinobi, Student, Special Student with 10 Kamakuras, Capitan with 25 Kamakuras.

How to buy Kamakura NFT?

If you don’t know how to buy Kamakura NFT, there are several available exchange platforms that you can use in order to make your purchase. Popular Exchanges, or staking sites, where you can get Kamakura NFT are:

Kamakura Staking, where you’re able to select a wallet, see the amount of staked tokens (79.78% so far), stake, stake all, unstake, or claim.
Birdeye seems to be an excellent solution for those who want to see every detail regarding Solana. Besides purchasing these tokens, you’ll get the complete statistics such as trading volume, top 10 holders, and max: total supply, TVL, 24h volume, and much more.

Token Link is, where you can also find all the details about the Solana transactions.

Kamakura map and treasury details

Here is what is essential for you to know about the Kamakura treasury:

80% of Legendary Auctions proceeds go directly to Treasury / Liquidity Pool
40% of Summoning Pets mint proceeds go directly to Treasury / Liquidity Pool
50% of Genesis Kamakura Market royalties go directly to Treasury / Liquidity Pool

Kamakura map


Kamakura Roadmap



Utilities of $RAMEN are:

Upgrading personal Kamakura rank
Utilized for minting your pet, Summoning Jutsu
They are utilized for bidding for the last Legendary auction.
It is used to mint your Female Shinobi.
They are used to upgrade your Kamakura NFT to skin for Sandbox.

Summoning Pet

Each warrior needs a companion. Thus, Kamakura’s companions are these great pets that will be summoned to earn $ICHIRAKU, a unique token used for Auctions, WL Spots, and Merch in our Ramen House.


Use for Ramen houses.
Used for buying your exclusive White list spots.
Used for buying your Discord customized roles.
Utilized to join exclusive holders & public raffles.
Utilized to upgrade your Kamakura nft art.

Ramen House

An online marketplace will be created to participate in auctions for WL Spots for Hyped and Important Projects, Merch, and Blue Chip NFTs.

Burning Mechanism

All $ICHIRAKU & $RAMEN used on Ramen House will be automatically burned.

Ramen Tokenomics


Ramen Tokenomics

1st $RAMENF Inject: 166,000
2nd $RAMENF Inject: 83,000
Variable Staking: 1,451,000 $RAMENF
Project Development and Marketing: 500,000 $RAMENF
Giveaway: 300,000 $RAMENF
Summoning Pets: 500,000 $RAMENF
Ramen House: 500,000 $RAMENF
Dev Team: 500,000 $RAMENF
Locked: 1,000,000 $RAMENF
TOTAL: 5,000,000 $RAMENF

The team behind the Kamakura NFT project

To build this remarkable Kamakura NFT collection, it had to be some of the most renowned digital artists in the industry. There are four people behind this project:

Cliff Africa is a business developer and content creator that began working in Crypto Space. He’s been focused on advancing as the world transferred to the digital economy in the past couple of years. As someone deeply interested in crypto, he drove deeper into NFT project developments overtime before developing the Kamakura NFT.
Adrian Johan Bonite, known as “Skiles”, – He’s been in the crypto space for three years and eight months in Solana NFT space before he started working on the Kamakura project. Skiles got experience and knowledge in surviving in the crypto space. Being a co-founder in the Kamakura NFT project guarantees
Vael is the resident illustrator of the project. He is known as a crucial part of the creative team in renowned guilds such as Yield Guild Gaming, Real Deal Guild, and Axu.Evo. His remarkable experience and expertise in the digital art world made him work on the project’s creative design.
Josh was responsible for creating unique, aesthetically pleasing visual art as someone who’s backed by his degree in Arts major in Painting. He managed to become one of the pioneers in digital art, which made him a Senior Graphic Artist very soon. He’s responsible for flexible and aesthetic visual art styles in the Kamakura NFT project.


Why is Solana the best choice for buying NFTs?

In conclusion to Kamakura NFT stored on Solana, we’d like to explain to the broader public why we think Solana is the best choice for buying NFTs in general.

Even though you have probably heard that the number one place for purchasing NFTs is Ethereum. However, when you buy one particular NFT on Ethereum, you are required to pay gas fees so that your transaction gets processed.

Ethereum gas fees could, without any doubt, cost more than the NFT you want to buy or mint. On Solana, transaction fees are minimum, more like a fraction of a cent, and it is done in a blink of an eye! Besides that, the environmental cost for one single transaction on Solana costs less than two google searches!

But, if you want to purchase an NFT from secondary markets, such as Magic Eden, where these tokens are listed post-mint, minting an NFT means buying directly from the primary market, which is the leading supplier and the creator of your preferred NFT collection. Keep in mind that once an NFT is minted, it is stored on Blockchain technology.

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