Toncoin price predictions – what is the future of TON?


Toncoin price predictions – what is the future of TON?

For all those looking for Toncoin price prediction, we will find out what experts are saying about its future price actions in this article. Also, we focus on its tokenomics and most important features. But first, let’s see what TON and Toncoin represent.

What is TON?

The Open Network (TON) is a third-generation proof-of-stake, fast, secure, scalable blockchain. It is capable of processing millions of transactions per second. TON was designed in 2018 by the Durov brothers, the founders of Telegram Messenger, to be a flexible, ultra-encryptable, user-friendly and fully functional multi-blockchain. In other words, it is made to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of speed and scalability.

Later, ownership was transferred to the TON open community, supporting and developing it ever since. The TON network was built to accommodate all reasonable applications currently approved and designed. This is why it is called the “super server”, intended to host and provide various services. With the goal of mass adoption, TON envisions a future where all individuals can lead financially independent lives, free from discrimination, clutter or hindrance.

Toncoin, the blockchain token

Name: TonCoin

Acronym: TONCOIN

Creation: 2018

Official website:

Whitepaper: Yes

Setting up an ICO: No

Possibility of mining: Yes

Total quantity: 5,047,558,528 TONCOIN coin

Main social networks: Telegram, GitHub, Mail

Market Cap     1.55B

Circulating Supply      1.22B

24-hour trading volume · $1.8M

Toncoin (formerly known as Gram) is the native token of the TON network.


Among the functions of this token, we can mention:

Gas payment for payment transactions and interaction with smart contracts.

Ability to perform native cross-chain operations within the network. Remember that TON is the mainchain token, and each working chain has its own token interoperable with TON, so these operations are enabled natively.

The token is also used to pay for access to network resources. For example, to access the decentralized storage system (TON Storage), the DNS service (TON DNS) or the services deployed in the TON Services layer. Toncoin would be the currency used to pay them in all these cases.

It is used for deploying new staking nodes for the main chain or for working chains and shard chains.

It is also used for decentralized governance of the protocol.

Toncoin has a maximum issuance of 5 billion tokens, and getting them into circulation requires resorting to a curious event: mining using Proof of Work. The reason for this system is that initially, the 5 billion tokens were all issued and placed in a smart contract called “Giver”, which releases 100 TONs per day as a reward for miners.

This smart contract is designed to measure the computational work of miners and grant them rewards. The process is designed for miners to generate TONs that can flow through the blockchain (otherwise, they will get stuck). Once successfully mined, the miner can take these tokens and use them within the network to pay, use smart contracts, or create validator nodes for the PoS system. The mining protocol used for TON is specially designed to take advantage of the ASIC-resistant processor and GPU.

Future of TON


TON is undoubtedly a great project with unique capabilities that place it at the level of large projects such as Ethereum, Polka dots or Cardan. Its development was meteoric at first, but the problems Telegram had with the SEC turned everything upside down. Despite this, the community recovered this project little by little until it was placed back in a relevant position.

The project’s development continued its way and showed us that it is a living project. With volunteer developers and an increasingly growing community, it is very likely that this goal can be achieved. If successful, it would become the first blockchain project that, despite having all but fallen into oblivion, managed to resurface and become one of the most important within the community.

TON coin price prediction

According to our in-depth technical analysis of TONCOIN past price data, in 2022 the price of Toncoin is likely to reach a minimum level of $2.78. TONCOIN price can reach a maximum level of $3.22 with an average price of $2.89.Read More

Toncoin Price Prediction 2023

Toncoin price is expected to reach a minimum level of $4.10 in 2023. Toncoin price may reach a maximum level of $4.98 with an average price of $4.24 throughout 2023.R

TONCOINE Price Prediction for 2024-2025

According to the price forecast and technical analysis, in 2024 the price of Toncoin is expected to reach a minimum level of $5.87. The TONCOIN price can reach a maximum level of $7.21 with an average price of $6.04.

The price of 1 Toncoin is expected to reach a minimum level of $8.39 in 2025. The TONCOIN price may reach a maximum $10.17 with an average price of $8.70 throughout 2025.

TON Price Prediction 2026

Toncoin price is likely to reach the lowest possible $11.84 in 2026. According to our findings, TONCOIN price might reach a maximum possible level of $14.61 with an expected average price of $12.27.

Toncoin Price Prediction 2027

According to our in-depth technical analysis of TONCOIN past price data, in 2027 Toncoin price should be around a minimum value of $17.39. The Toncoin price value can reach a maximum of $20.58 with an average market value of $18.01 in USD.

Toncoin (TONCOIN) Price Prediction 2028

Toncoin price is expected to reach a minimum value of $25.69 in 2028. Toncoin price might reach a maximum value of $30.90 with an average price of $26.41 throughout 2028.

Toncoin Price Prediction for 2029

According to forecasts and technical analysis, in 2029 the price of Toncoin is expected to reach a minimum price of $35.60. TONCOIN price can reach a maximum price value of $44.08 with an average of $36.92.

Toncoin (TONCOIN) Price Prediction 2030

Toncoin price is expected to reach a minimum value of $51.64 in 2030. Toncoin price may reach a maximum value of $61.64 with an average trading price of $53.12 throughout 2030.

Toncoin Price Prediction 2031

Toncoin price is expected to reach the lowest possible level of $75.81 in 2031. According to our findings, TONCOIN price may reach a maximum possible level of $88.87 with an average forecast price of $77.93.

The price of TON reached an all-time high of $5.7375 on November 12, 2021, less than three months after it began trading on the stock exchanges. Late last year, support from the CEO of encrypted messaging system Telegram, Pavel Durov boosted sentiment for the cryptocurrency.

TON is gearing up for a massive breakthrough this year and aims to unite all other blockchains into a single decentralized network with blazing fast transaction speeds and lower costs. TON lays the foundation for a real web3 internet with decentralized storage, anonymous network, instant payment, DNS and support for various decentralized services. It is difficult to be pessimistic about the evolution of this cryptocurrency. Coinmarketcap is a benchmark for monitoring the TONCOIN’s price live.

Where to buy TONCOIN crypto?

The TONCOIN cryptocurrency is currently not traded on Binance and Coinbase cryptocurrency exchanges. It can be traded on decentralized platforms such as UniSwap and PancakeSwap, as well as centralized exchanges such as FTX,, OKEx with trading pairs such as USD, USDT, ETH

Who are the founders of the TON coins?

Key members of the Telegram team originally developed the TON network. However, later in May 2020, Telegram pulled out of the project following a flurry of US Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuits.

Later, members of the TON Foundation, which called themselves a nonprofit community, explored the system’s source code, its documentation, and Durov’s blockchain architecture as a project and resumed the development of the platform. .

In August 2021, Telegram transferred its domain and GitHub repository to Makosov and Emelianenko, according to data provided on the GitHub site. This happened after the developers wrote an open letter to the company. They declare that they want to support the development of the TON concept and give it new life.

The TON network was created by the same person who founded Telegram, Nikolai Durov, a Russian programmer and mathematician. Nikolai Durov is highly educated and experienced in programming and blockchain in general. He obtained his first doctorate in mathematics at Saint Petersburg State University, then a second doctorate in geometry at the University of Bonn. Before founding the Ton network, Durov served in the VK company as the chief developer until 2013. Later the same year, he founded the instant messaging platform Telegram together with his brother Pavel Durov, who is also involved in the Ton system.

Can we stake the TONCOIN crypto?


Cryptocurrency staking is an activity that consists of staking your TONCOIN crypto, for example, i.e. putting your tokens into circulation within the TON network to participate in its proper functioning, but also earning new tokens from the crypto TONCOIN.

Let’s recap: you decide to allocate your TONCOIN tokens to the proper functioning of the TON network. In exchange, you receive a defined quantity of new tokens, depending on the quantity but also on the duration of your contribution.

How to store TONCOIN crypto?

Finding a way to store your crypto sounds almost obvious when you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies. The biggest deciding factor remains the security level of each wallet. Indeed, online wallets, for example, do not guarantee the same degree of security for your crypto as hardware wallets. Hardware wallets are by far the best in terms of security. Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X and Trezor are the most popular. However, online wallets are certainly not super secure, but they allow quick access to your tokens and also allocate them to activities that will earn you passive income, such as stacking the TONCOIN crypto.

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