Tiger Force launched its hot TFC token. Don’t miss it


Tiger Force is an innovative blockchain-based platform. It aims to offer customers exciting services through E-commerce Shopping Centers, Gaming, NFT Apps, Advertising, IPTV, and its own exchange website. The team plans to exploit the benefits of Defi space and help the users become part of the crypto world. The digital tokens emergence and popularity is the result of the development of Blockchain technology. Thus, Tiger Force will focus on the latter, as well.

More and more investors prefer to use decentralized platforms, as they enable people to influence the company’s or project’s development and make important decisions via voting. In addition, decentralization offers privacy, security, and protection. That’s why the Tiger Force team choose to use this system for its project.

Furthermore, the company launched its native utility token, TFC, on November 1, 2022. The sale will end on February 15, 2023. 1 TFC is trading for 0.005 USD during the initial coin offering. The total supply of tokens is 9000000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, BNB, and USDT in exchange for TFC.

Tiger Force’s main product will be E-commerce Shopping Center. E-commerce, or electronic commerce, refers to the selling and purchasing of goods and services over an electronic network. The company will launch a website where customers will purchase items only with the platform’s currency. That means users will need to own TFC. According to the team, the token holders will more currency will receive great benefits from the company.

What other services does this platform offer? 

Tiger Force will provide branding and marketing services, as well. Businesses need those two to become popular on the market and gain success. Advertising is the fastest and surest way to worldwide recognition. Every company has its own products that need good advertising to attract potential clients.

Thanks to TFC, they can do that easily and conveniently. Tiger Force offers the opportunity to add advertisements to its platform, where thousands of users will see them. However, customers must have the platform’s native tokens in their wallets to use this service.

Moreover, the team aims to add Gaming to its well-diversified products. Advancing at a breakneck pace, that industry offers numerous possibilities. Modern technology is evolving rapidly, and gaming platforms are becoming more exciting. Nowadays, gamers are also far more digitalized due to the increasing metaverse engagement.

On the Tiger Force platform, players will receive TFC Coins as rewards for finishing various quests or simply playing the game. On top of that, they will be able to withdraw their tokens whenever they want.

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV is the company’s one more exciting product. IPTV is a television delivery system. According to the team, it will deliver television services over a packet-switched network, like the internet or a LAN. In addition, IPTV will use the internet protocol suite instead of traditional satellite, terrestrial, or cable television formats. IPTV allows users to watch live TV. In that, it’s like traditional television subscriptions. However, this product also has its own advantages.

Tiger Force’s latest product is the PTC Earning Platform. The latter offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards for watching ads. Users can exchange their points for amazing prizes. Besides, the company ensures that clients’ funds are secure. So they won’t lose money to scammers.

NEXUS is still attracting investors’ attention. Why’s that? 

Project NEXUS is relatively new on the market, but it has been remaining in the spotlight for some time now. The company is pretty ambitious. It aims to combine the two largest traditional markets in the world, namely the Real Estate Market and the Stock Market, with the crypto market. NEXUS believes that by uniting these markets, they can create a new era in the trading world. After all, the Defi space is full of innovations, and other industries can greatly benefit from them.

The company is utilizing blockchain technology to achieve its goals. It will also implement tokenization. By using digital coins, the company will be able to remove the traditional barriers to entry. That means users won’t have to contend with multiple KYC applications, high Capital requirements, or usability issues any longer.

Furthermore, the platform will allow investors to use cryptocurrencies, derivatives, and Real Estate Tokens, as collateral for immediate payout crypto loans. The company offers flexible repayment options. The borrowers will be able to consider them and select the one that suits their requirements. NEXUS created a convenient, easy-to-use mobile app with great navigation and interface. The platform also has its own native utility token XOXO, which is very trending currently.

The team launched its ICO sale on October 20, 2022. It will end on December 1, 2022. The total supply of tokens is, but only 17.45% will be available for purchase at this stage. The company set aside 6% for Private Sales. Besides, the team will get 20%, with another 20% going to product development. 5% is for Angel Investors, and 20% goes to community development. 5% is for risk reserves, and 20% is for community incentives.

How does the NEXUS App work? 

Beautiful design isn’t the NEXUS App’s only advantage. It will offer investors relevant and appropriate information about the subjects they are interested in. The app will select from numerous reports and news several, that are useful for the customer. Thus, he/she will be able to discover new opportunities before other investors will find the info on the market. That will give users a significant advantage.

NEXUS App helps customers to save time in other ways, as well. For example, users will need to complete one KYC to register on the platform. After finishing it, they will gain full access to every product, including Project NEXUS’s tokenized Real Estate, Crypto, and Derivatives.

The team has designed NEXUS App to show only information relevant to the client’s portfolio across all asset classes. Thanks to this feature, investors will save lots of time. They won’t need to search online for reports, news announcements, or other information that help them keep up to date with their investments. Instead, the app will deliver up-to-date, verified information automatically.

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