The VisaMetaFi’s hot ICO is live. What about the MOV token?


The VisaMetaFi’s hot ICO is live. What about the MOV token?


VisaMetaFi is a world-class, peer-to-peer payment method. It is also decentralized, censorship and fraud-proof. The company provides innovative, blockchain-based solutions. It’s very easy to integrate and use. In addition, it doesn’t charge any fees.

VisaMetaFi is well-known worldwide as the decentralized online visa card. It works for both real-life and virtual worlds, also offering NFTs Payment Solutions. The latter is a great digital payment innovation that combines all the benefits of MetaFi, Blockchain, Web 3.0, and Metaverse.

Moreover, this platform helps customers accept payments, as well as send payouts globally in one unified platform. The company enables users to accept and move any amount of stablecoin currencies at any time of the day. And they can make transactions from anywhere worldwide without paying transaction fees.

Thanks to VisaMetaFi, customers won’t need to swap between multiple chains or install dozens of applications to transfer and pay within crypto and fiat. They can avoid the problematic fees and complicated processes of getting immersed in the Defi or virtual world.

VisaMetaFi launched its native utility token VISA on July 1, 2022. The sale will end on October 1, 2022. 199,999,999,999 VISA are available for purchase. That’s 20% of the total supply. The token’s price is $0.000009 during the initial coin offering, and the platform accepts BUSD in exchange for its coins.


MOVN also plans to release its trending MOV token 

The sports industry is one of the largest and most profitable in the world. Millions of clubs and hundreds of millions of people contribute to it every day, not to mention numerous events dedicated to various sports. Moreover, people build a healthier and fairer world through sports.

Considering its impact on our everyday lives, it’s a shame that this industry lagged somewhat behind while most others have benefited from the progress of technology. After all, new generations spend more time on sedentary virtual experiences. The sports community is highly fragmented, though.

MOVN aims to make sports more fun and accessible. To achieve its goals, the team has created a move-to-earn web3 platform. It’s called the MOVN Superapp of Sports. Thanks to this platform, sports players can get access to potentially hundreds of third-party services (miniapps) such as facility bookings, marketplaces, partner finder, Game-Fi, eCommerce, and even DeFi. The team also offers its own Sports Currency ($MOV). It’s a MOVN utility token, as well as the symbol of this new sports economy.

In small planned steps, with the aid and support of 100-star athletes, the company will introduce blockchain technology to hundreds of millions. It plans to become the leading web3 sports app and empower thousands of sports businesses and organizations. Moreover, MOVN will progressively become a DAO, managed by the users who create the ecosystem. $MOV will be its governance token. According to the team, this project goes beyond a marketplace or a platform; it aims to disrupt the industry. Thanks to MOV, the economics of sports may change forever.


When will the MOV token’s ICO start? 

The company wants to launch the MOV token on July 10, 2022. This ERC20 token will trade for 0.15 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $100,000 with the sale. The total amount of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 6% will be available at this stage.

The MOVN team stated that the $MOV is a deflationary utility token. It designed this coin to reward people for being physically active. Based on the daily activity index, the platform will reward people with these tokens.

Furthermore, the token holders will be able to access any product or service within the ecosystem. The latter includes sport-related services (Miniapps): lessons, court bookings, eCommerce, event registration; Purchases and sales of NFTs and collectibles; MOVN premium membership levels; Game-Fi services; Defi services (stake, swap, convert); and future DAO governance.

The MOV token is already functional inside the super-app. However, the company wants to establish this coin as The Currency of Sports in the long run.

The Superapp is a disruptive model. According to the team, it has already proven to beat standard apps each time they compete. Moreover, it combines a range of features, services, and experiences on a single platform that people already trust and are using. The Superapp also provides a seamless environment that keeps users engaged.

Customers can access potentially hundreds of sports-related services through this one-in-all app. The latter is also offering a consistent experience. The team plans to develop its own miniapps at first. In the mid-term, it will open an SDK to allow third parties to develop their own.


What will these miniapps offer? 

Each MOVN miniapp will focus on a different utility or functionality: eCommerce, court bookings, games, player finder, DeFi services, and many more. The company sees MOVN as a collection of services, not just a specific application. It has already launched the MOVN superapp. Thus, it’s available for download at the iOS and Android stores. Users can start earning $MOV easily.

The team designed the registration process and the activation of the reward in such a way as to avoid any friction. Customers don’t need to pay anything to start using the app. They can manage even without an understanding of web3 and wallets.

Players will be able to start earning for their physical activity in three basic steps: they should download MOVN SUPERAPP, connect it to a tracking app (Google Fit or Apple Health), and begin playing sports. Users won’t even need to open MOVN app as the trackers work in the background. Runtastic, Strava, and all the main activity trackers can also work with MOVN. Any physical activity counts.

Once enter MOVN World, users will discover the store. They can customize their experience by activating the miniapps of their choice. Besides, this platform integrates Game-Fi elements to make move-to-earn more fun and offer users to play in teams.

NFT-Boosts such as NFT-PowerDrinks or NFT-Bananas will increase users’ Energy-level. The latter is directly linked to the $MOV earnings. For instance, owners of NFT-Bananas will multiply their daily rewards x3. Players can also use $MOV earnings to access miniapps services and premium MOVN features or mint new NFTs.

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