Super Buddha NFT – what’s about this project?


Super Buddha NFT – what’s about this project?

Have you recently heard of a fantastic Super Buddha NFT project that the entire NFT community has been buzzing about lately? As a big fan of non-fungible tokens and cult personalities, do you want to know all the details about this famous NFT? If it is so, you’ve come to the right place!

Super Buddha NFT is undoubtedly one of the most popular non-fungible token projects. It represents the stunning visual wonderment focused on capturing the spirit of humanity’s true purpose. Described as global unity, this NFT is an enlightenment of the authentic animated 3D artwork of 46 seconds with an original score.

But how did this NFT come about? Is there any captivating story about Super Buddha NFT? And, ultimately, who is this mysterious artist? Let’s figure it out!

Who is Super Buddha?


Super Buddha refers to an internationally recognized contemporary artist who considers Miami and Florida his two homes. This artist is considered one of the most significant contemporary artists who has transitioned into the NFT Blockchain.

Being a non-native Chinese artist that moved to Shanghai, Super Buddha began creating art in a specific, almost hybrid environment of new and old. The constant influx of Western pop culture has influenced the rigid and strict ways of the Hukou System in his creation.

As one of the world’s most essential pioneers of the Graffiti scene in Shanghai, this fantastic artist found himself between two different art worlds:

The Urban Art Culture
The Iconic Eastern Art

Super Buddha was also one of the first artists to tag buildings across Shanghai. He even risked his own life and focused on helping establish an entirely new style of street art that didn’t exist before in that heavily populated city in China.

Coming off an incredibly successful launch at NFT BAZL, Super Buddha has partnered with Fort Lauderdale and his New River Fine Art for an exclusive launch of three new NFTs that the world witnessed back on Aug 13, 2022.

What were these NFTs about?

These NFTs were famous for flipping the script on gaming by animating a 32-bit Buddha as a token of enlightenment. The primary purpose of Buddha as a token was for it to bring blessing to retro-inspired video game worlds.

We are talking about a highly anticipated gaming culture, culturally relevant NFTs, and crypto-native by Supper Buddha, a highlight and result of his passion for the 80s and 90s video game nostalgia. He contributed to bringing a positive message to the dynamic context of gaming with his Super Buddha NFT project.

A brief story of Super Buddha NFT


To understand one NFT project, it’s crucial to learn the whole story. Super Buddha was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. His main passion for creativity and purpose-made him study fine art and design in China.

Since he was a considerable talent, his artwork has been featured in galleries worldwide. Among them, his art was exposed in Art Basel, as well. Supper Buddha’s artwork has been recognized and sold to numerous art collectors worldwide and music superstars such as Swae Lee, DJ Tiesto, and others.

According to Super Buddha, a divided world is a world that’s in peril. His E-NFT “Global Unity” art piece represents every culture, creed, and colour, with a strong message that “love conquers all”. He’s travelled the globe various times, recognizing “more than ever” that he cannot leave for future generations to rebuild our fractured Earth.

His ultimate mission is the creation of Super Buddha NFT to speak volumes about what we all, as human beings, need to aspire to have on Earth as “Global Unity”.

The magic of Super Buddha’s jovial artwork

It’s crucial to understand the Super Buddha NFT project that his jovial artwork features Buddha as a contemporary spokesperson. His main goal is to captivate the audience with witty one-liner blessings.

Exhibited as a reductively and repetitive minimalistic bust of a large-eyed, bubbly cheeked and straight toothed figure, the bald Chosen One includes his signature long earlobes that symbolizes a conscious rejection of the materialistic world. Instead of a material world, it’s focused on more spiritual enlightenment.

Get to know Super Buddha NFTs.

When it comes to the Super Buddha NFT project, there are four of his unique non-fungible tokens that you should be aware of and about which we will give you details.

#1 Super Buddha World: Forbidden City NFT

The first Super Buddha NFT was the “Super Buddha World: Forbidden City”. With this NFT, we witness Super Buddha, that completes with his cape. He ambitiously, smilingly, destroys and crushes negativity through a specific superpower strength.

He navigates his way through temples, trying to avoid the pop-up pitfalls. Super Buddha is, obviously, on a quest for spiritual teachings, exploding scrolls of self-doubt, jealousy, envy and negative thoughts.

Drop time: Aug 14, 2021
Creator: Super Buddha
Marketplace: Blockparty

#2 Buddha Man NFT

Buddha Man is an excellent example of a “multilayered content”. In this non-fungible token, Buddha Man swallows them down once the red ghosts become blue. However, it’s not as it seems to be at all. There’s an evident social and political context awaiting to be revealed.

When it comes to its storyline, Super Buddha has utilized his main characters to represent a clear correlation between the current treatment of the Chinese government of crypto miners and their hunger for freedom. At the same time, they’re being persecuted by oppressors.

Speaking of the NFT narrative, the Bitcoins enable Buddha Man to turn the tables on his tyrannical antagonists. While creating it, Super Buddha made it internationally clear with bright symbols and moves that “speak volumes of the present international cultural climate.”

In this case, we have the following memorable quotes such as:

“Do it out of love.”
“Be Grateful”
“Do it out of Love.”

These mottos appear like welcomed pop-up banners full of positive reinforcements in this Buddha Man NFT.

#3 Buddhas Grand Blessings (Shanghai Edition) NFT

When it comes to Buddha’s Grand Blessings NFT, the Shanghai Edition mimics role-playing, free-roaming, and first-person perspective games. In this NFT, anonymous, grey people wait for Super Buddha to give them his blessing with enlightenment.

The enlightenment blessing will awake their spirituality by activating their colourful chakras and provide them purpose through healing. What Super Buddha imagined for this bestowment of wisdom is a counteracting weapon to the present video game controversies of violence, aggression, and addiction.

#4 The Global Unity E-NFT

The art Global Unity E-NFT was heavily influenced by Super Buddha’s visit to the Vatican. He was greeted and well-received by His Holiness Pope Francis for his astonishing collaboration with “Scholas Occurrentes”, a foundation created directly by His Holiness.

The Super Buddha Global Unity E-NFT also features original vocals and music score, both by music composer, producer and arranger Erik’ E Smooth’ Hicks of Immersive Entertainment. His production credits include producing and writing for fabulous Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, such as Curtis Mayfield, the Queen, Aretha Franklin, etc.

Besides Super Buddha, the creator of this E-NFT was also Erik “E Smooth Hicks”.

Super Buddha NFT Price


The subsidiary Immersive Entertainment has presented world-renowned artist Super Buddha’s forthcoming E-NFT entitled “Global Unity”. The Global Unity E-NFT was at a selling price of only $3.

Artwork on NFT BAZL Marketplace

When it comes to other NFTs, here is what you can expect to see of Super Buddha’s artwork on the NFT BAZL Marketplace:

“New Generation Yen Buddha Bill” physical artwork – Sold for USD 8,700. The initial price was USD 5,700
“Buddha Kong – Love bombs” physical artwork – Initial price: USD 23,700
“Buddha Kon – Love bombs” digital artwork – Initial price: USD 27,300
“Crypto Desert Sheik” – initial price: USD 28,900
“Crypto King” – Initial price: $32,000 USD
“Good fortune” – Initial price: $32,000 USD
“Living life” – Initial price: $28,900 USD
“Oil Money” – Sold for $30,000
“Super Buddha Bros” – Initial price: $23,700.

What was the inspiration for Super Buddha NFT?

Super Buddha considers his artwork as a “positive propulsion strategy” with a clear message to spread that “there should be consciousness and positivity in every facet of life”. He has witnessed so many things wrong on the “spiritual and humanistic level”.

Therefore, he has created art with the intent to shed more light on consciousness and to provide good fortune to every person in the world.

The future of Non-Fungible Tokens

Now that you’ve got a clearer understanding of the Super Buddha NFT project, indeed, you are interested in what kind of future is expected from the famous non-fungible tokens? Even though no one can know 100% what will happen with the non-fungible tokens, there’s a strong belief that NFTs will continue to play a crucial role in many aspects of our everyday lives.

According to our experts, NFTs will be important in the future since people value digital affirmation and goods. NFTs will, additionally, allow for decentralized peer-to-peer transparent transactions and trade, which eliminates the dependencies on third parties.

It will allow creators and artists from all over the world to be more innovative and much better compensated. More and more digital artists are expected to embark on creating and distributing their authentic NFTs as a form of direct communication and maintaining strong connections with their most loyal fans.

And those fans will, by buying their NFTs, show their loyalty, love and endless support!

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