qiibee token is rallying. What about the H2ON’s ICO?


qiibee is one of the leading blockchain-based Loyalty Exchange Marketplaces worldwide. It unlocks the purchasing power of the billion-dollar rewards economy by simply making all rewards exchangeable in one decentralized loyalty ecosystem.

Thanks to this unique platform, brands will be able to integrate with the blockchain-based rewards marketplace easily. Thus, they will add more rewards to their loyalty program or sell their rewards to other brands. The company’s Loyalty API enables fast and painless integration into any platform or app. Moreover, the Whitelabel App lets users start without any tech integration at all, and it can even integrate customers’ own API.

By integrating with qiibee, Defi users will join its ecosystem and profit from the network of partners. They can exchange their points for other loyalty points, crypto, miles, NFTs, and more to actively increase engagement and brand loyalty. And they can do that with less tech and management overhead than traditional systems offer.

What does qiibee offer?

This platform enables its users to buy rewards to boost customer engagement. The team also plans to add more redemption options. People will be able to sell their rewards to generate more revenue by connecting with more loyalty programs. They can also save 95% of costs and time for integration, invoicing, and reconciliation by connecting with this marketplace.

Furthermore, users can boost the revenue of their loyalty program very quickly with one integration and one invoicing partner. qiibee’s technology also enables businesses to build innovative solutions on blockchain technology, as well as leverage the benefits of its distributed and immutable nature. The team designed qiibee for internet-grade transaction volumes and speeds.

Both people with business and technical expertise can use qiibee. However, the user’s starting point depends on their role. For example, if you are a business person, the Introduction and Integrations sections will suit you the best. But if you are technical, then you should try the Integrations and qiibee APIs.

However, creating a Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) dashboard account is the first step to entering this ecosystem. The team is also pretty active and aims to aid its users in navigating the platform. So, users can simply contact customer service and get answers to their questions.  

What about the qiibee ecosystem?

qiibee offers customers the untapped potential of loyalty. By using state-of-the-art technology the company delivers its users cutting-edge, easy-to-use solutions. And the latter set the new global standard for loyalty.

This company aims to connect the fragmented loyalty market with no friction, reconciliations, or headaches for its participants. By using a shared blockchain, connected via different integration options, customers all around the world will be able to profit from the loyalty ecosystem, thus, building new connections and establishing long-lasting partnerships.

The team designed qiibee’s products in such a way to provide everything businesses with millions of users may need. They will be able to exchange the (loyalty) currencies in their loyalty program to drive engagement. This platform comes with a complete set of developer tools that any company will be able to integrate without any blockchain expertise.

Among the qiibee’s features are Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD), Loyalty API, and Loyalty Whitelabel App (LWA). The qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard is an interactive and user-friendly application. It incorporates all functionalities available on the Loyalty API. Thanks to it, businesses will be able to create new branded loyalty points in minutes, as well as list their existing ones in the Loyalty Exchange Marketplace. Moreover, they can form new exchange partnerships and analyze the performance in real-time.

Meanwhile, the qiibee Loyalty API consists of APIs, plugins, and widgets. By using the Loyalty API, users can profit from more reach, along with seamless integration and secure infrastructure. The qiibee also has its own blockchain that protects users’ loyalty currency. It also provides full transparency and efficiency with no reconciliation problems between partners. Moreover, this blockchain records all the exchange transactions. Customers can optionally use it as a Points Bank.

H2O Securities aims to solve the global water crisis

H2O Securities has more than 20 years of experience in finance and water. The company aims to help solve the global water crisis. That’s why the team has developed the H2O Water Network. The latter is an innovative solution that combines finance, expertise, infrastructure, and interested participants in the deployment and operation of water plants worldwide. Furthermore, the H2O Water Network plans to modernize water plants’ financing, deployment, and operation. And the company will do that through the use of blockchain technology, as well as the H2ON Token and smart contracts.

H2ON is the company’s native utility token which is quite trending. Network participants will be able to use their token holdings to connect more water plants to the H2O Water Network. They can also add water network services and pay for services connected to this platform. According to the team, connected services include engineering, maintenance, consulting, water treatment, operations training, insurance, operations, staffing, risk management services, surveying, equipment, data management, and material supplies.

Besides, the H2O Water Network water plants are connected via Internet-of-Things (IoT) to the blockchain. Immutable smart contracts control them. The aim is to connect more people to drinkable (potable) water globally and do that faster and more cost-effectively. H2ON will also provide access to the H2O Water Network. And users will be able to earn token rewards based on their participation.

How does this platform work? 

With every liter that a connected water plant produces, the plant smart contract will acquire H2ON from third-party CEX and DEX exchanges that list this Token. The team noted that the automated H2ON purchases would be made from a USDT prepaid wallet of the water plant. The platform will use the H2ON tokens purchased by the water plant to pay for the network’s services. The latter include plant operations, upgrades, plant maintenance, refits, distribution, chemicals, energy, and several other requirements to produce the water.

As network participants connect more water plants to the H2O Water Network, the platform will ensure that more water is produced and consumed. Thus, the demand for the H2ON tokens will increase.




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