Personal Finance Daily: Five boozy Father’s Day gifts for dads and Sen. Cory Booker still believes this bill could narrow the racial wealth gap, help people buy homes and afford college


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Sen. Cory Booker still believes this bill could narrow the racial wealth gap, help people buy homes and afford college

Baby bonds are ‘a powerful way to deal with the wealth inequalities in our country by also empowering our economy overall,’ Booker tells MarketWatch. Read More

IRS unveils new chatbots to help taxpayers as agency churns through backlog of 10.5 million tax returns

The Internal Revenue Service has expanded the use of bots to answer taxpayer questions. Read More

‘4 companies have gained control over the formula market’: Lawmakers and women’s health advocates debate solutions to baby-formula shortage

An overly consolidated market and lack of support for breastfeeding moms are some of the factors contributing to the formula shortage, experts said. Read More

‘I feel bad that I’ll be taking most of his income’: I make twice what my boyfriend does. He pays me $300 in rent, but I want him to pay $800. Is that fair?

‘It’s not like I need the money. I just think it’s fair that he pays his way.’ Read More

Weekend reads: Your guide to bear markets for stocks, crypto and, soon, housing

Also, what you can do to protect yourself as interest rates rise. Read More

‘Juneteenth is tricky’: Companies and consumers reckon with how to observe the new federal holiday

‘It’s not about Juneteenth. It’s about what happens the other 11 months of the year.’ Read More

Five boozy Father’s Day gifts for dads

From The Rock’s tequila to a cocktail kit, here are the Weekend Sip columnist’s picks. Read More

‘These are not my ideal living arrangements’: My husband and I live in his mother’s home. She will leave it to him when she dies. Do I have a claim on this home?

‘It’s not wise to put money into a house that is not in my name.’ Read More

Don’t be fooled by these myths about travel insurance and what it covers

While travel insurance is important to have for most trips there’s a lot about it — from what it covers to how you get reimbursed — that gets misinterpreted. Read More

Chase is giving customers one extra day before charging overdraft fees, which still yield billions of dollars for banks

JPMorgan Chase is among several big banks that are changing how they charge overdraft fees amid pressure from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Read More

Crypto: ‘Obviously I don’t think women are any less intelligent than men,’ crypto exchange Kraken CEO says, after New York Times report said he called American women ‘brainwashed’

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