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A fun farming MMO called Pixels NFT Game was created based on the ideas of decentralization, ownership, and community. Owners of the 5,000 pieces of land that make up the virtual world are responsible for their upkeep, customization, and upkeep. Players must gather resources and expand their empires in order to advance in Pixel.

Launched in the latter half of 2021, Pixel is a blockchain-based platform. At first, consumers paid 0.06 ETH to mint new land. Since then, the land’s worth has risen, and the starting price is now roughly 0.36 ETH. Pixel gaming relies heavily on virtual lots for land. Since they take the form of NFTs, users have complete ownership and control over them. You cannot take it, and you can sell it on secondary markets for actual cash.

You will need a Metamask Web3 wallet first. Utilize it after downloading to access the Pixels and store your work. To begin playing, you don’t need an in-game NFT. The entire functionality of the game can be accessed by purchasing Pixel land from secondary markets. However, even if you don’t have any, you can still play. When you log in, simply click “Continue as a guest” and adhere to the directions. Use WASD to navigate the universe of pixels. Future versions will feature arrow keys and click gestures. Visit Terra Villa’s Mayor Dave. If you wish to begin your trip, speak with him.

Pixels NFT Game Resources & Lands

Resources come from the earth, and the primary tap in Pixels is resource generation. In Web3, faucets are a way of giving users access to digital assets and tokens. Wood, plants, animals, and other things you can find on a farm are examples of resources.

In Pixel, acquiring resources that are getting more scarce and challenging to find is the key to progress. To obtain the best resources, players need practice and time. Pixel’s core team will set limits on how many resources can be produced in a certain period of time in order to aid the economy.

In Pixel, there are three distinct sorts of terrain:

These are the most fundamental types of land, also referred to as Speck or Vacant Land. Although they offer small prizes, they let gamers begin playing. They offer a nice place to start.
Renting land: Give gamers more freedom and higher payouts. But you and your landlord must divide the earnings. Before you might acquire your land, these are a good way to gain expertise and money.
Owned Plots: Users have complete control over the area of the planet known as Pixels, which are available in small and big owned plots. Organize your resources, receive awards, and gain tokens.

NFT Game Token for Pixels

Two tokens make up the foundation of the Pixel economy.The primary gaming currency, the BERRY, is essential to the fundamental “game cycle.” When they sell resources, players can receive payment in the token and spend BERRY at the game’s shop. When players buy things to advance the plot, BERRY is lost.

Pixel’s premium in-game money is called PIXEL. It is used by players to buy add-ons, upgrades, and cosmetic changes that are available outside of the core gameplay. PIXEL’s offer is tightly restricted, in contrast to BERRY’s. Every day, 100,000 new PIXELS will be created and given to gamers who are currently online.

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