New exciting game Pirate X Pirate offers its Hot PXP token


New exciting game Pirate X Pirate offers its Hot PXP token 


Pirate X Pirate is an exciting blockchain-based NFT adventure game that boasts a turn-based dice combat system. This game enables players to recruit their crew, form the fleet, and then harvest resources or test their skills fighting against other pirates. As an additional benefit, players will be able to earn tokens if they win the battles.

The creator team developed Pirate X Pirate on the Unity 3D engine. It plans to release the game on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Siam Board Games is the founder of this platform. Now Thailand’s biggest board game publisher – it first appeared on the market in 2016. The company has many experiences in board game designing and publishing. It is already well-known in Thailand, especially among Thai board gamers. But Siam Board Games will likely achieve world recognition soon thanks to its new game and its native token, PXP. The company’s CEO had many years of experience as a game programmer before establishing the board game company.

Pirate X Pirate’s native utility token PXP is already trending. Its ICO sale started on February 1, 2022. The total amount of these ERC20 tokens is 1,000,000,000. The company aims to raise 30,000,000 with the sale at this stage.

Furthermore, the team is still developing the platform, and it intends to add more features in the future. But the company will launch the first mode of the game soon. It’s called Quests. Thanks to it, users will be able to stake NFTs and earn rewards. Quests come with various themes. Players choose a Quest and deploy a ship. After that, they can assign a crew and claim the rewards.


How does it work?

Players will need at least one Ship, one Captain, and two crewmates to initiate the quest. They will receive rewards in the form of $GOLD tokens at first. However, the team plans to add other materials to rewards after the crafting is available.

With the fleet ready, users will be able to set sail to a dangerous ocean full of enemies. They can battle their fellow pirates (PVP). Moreover, they may encounter enemy monsters hiding in various locations on the map (PVE) and defeat them for rewards.

There will be other kinds of battles vastly different from the Quest, for example, the game of a turn-based dice battle. It has dice, but it is not random. Gamers will have a certain degree of control in each round of combat. But users will have to depend on a turn-based, dice-rolling system to decide which battle to fight. They will have to play each turn with the following steps: roll six dice; re-roll any number of dice; activate a skill that matches the rolled dice, and end turn. It may seem a bit confusing, but it’s pretty easy. The company offers a demo account to help users understand the game flow by trying it firsthand.

Moreover, the team noted that each plot on an island is an NFT. Players will be able to rent it out or do a business on their own. They can even mine resources or gather them from certain terrains by using suitable buildings and crews. Afterward, players can trade their goods on a different island, as well as use them for crafting materials for Ship Parts or for completing new Quests.


What is Pirate X Pirate’s goal? 

The team aims to grow the player bases and offer users an exciting and immersive game. It believes that users will need a Scholarship system. Thanks to the latter, new players will be able to try out the game with less investment.

Starting from Phase 1, NFT owners will be able to rent out their NFT as a set of a Ship, Captain, and two crewmates. Moreover, the owner will have the authority to set up the percentage on how to split the reward. After the scholar picks and plays with the set they choose, the platform will automatically divide the reward between the owner and the scholar.

In addition to the explorable, ownable Islands, the company plans to periodically release a new mini-game island where gamers can play and earn differently.


Muon is another great platform with strong potential. What does it offer? 

Muon is a decentralized network that will enable users to run Web2 and Web3 applications, on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain. This network will act as a base layer that bridges the division between blockchains, thus, creating a fluid Defi ecosystem.

According to the team, the Muon layer exists between blockchains, and it connects different protocols, allowing them to talk to each other. This platform ensures blockchain interoperability. And its native utility token, MUON, offers additional benefits to its holders. The team plans to launch its ICO sale in June 2022. The total amount of these ERC20 tokens is 120,000,000. Their value will likely soar after the initial coin offering ends.

While blockchains are great for storing valuable data securely, connecting saved data to other chains or sources is quite difficult. This is where the Muon platform comes in. Its elementary node layer will securely allow external smart contracts to perform complex computations. And the platform will do that at zero gas cost through off-chain computation.

Furthermore, Muon aims to give partnering blockchain projects high-speed performance. Thanks to this platform, using truly decentralized oracles and cross-chain bridges will become very easy and secure.


What are Muon’s key features? 

Muon offers a core consensus layer that is a unique and completely new type of system. The team calls it Secure Subsequential Consensus. The protocol will be able to ensure fast execution times through adaptive collateralization while simultaneously ensuring that node consensus can be reached.

Seamless scalability is Muon’s other advantage. This network is not a chain. It also doesn’t store the data permanently. Thus, the network can scale horizontally with ease without any limits.

In addition, any Web3 app will run high-level, tamper-proof computations (Java, Python, Rust, C, C++, etc.) within its own Muon app container. And Nodes running the same Application will be able to gossip and even work together, thus, forming a decentralized super-computer. This platform will be customizable and cost-efficient, and it will offer other benefits in the future.


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