Moody Krows NFT – example of randomly generated NFTs


Moody Krows NFT – example of randomly generated NFTs

Might it be considered that you are keen on the recently launched NFTS? Do you figure it will merit your time and cash? Then, at that point, we bring you some knowledge about the Moody Krows NFT. It is damn fascinating to earn substantial sums of money with this asset. It is magnificently spread all over Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Allow us to go through this article to understand this subject exhaustively.

What’s an NFT?

Recently, NFTs have been at the heart of many discussions, especially in the field of art. But what is an NFT? NFT means non-fungible token in English or non-fungible token in French. A non-fungible item is a single item that is not interchangeable. For instance, money is fungible, we can exchange euros or cryptos, but works of art are non-fungible because they are unique.

An NFT represents a digital file to which a digital authenticity certificate has been attached. More precisely, the non-fungible token is a cryptographic token stored on a blockchain network. The digital file itself is fungible. Whether it is a video, photo, or otherwise, the associated NFT is non-fungible. The first non-fungible token was created in 2014. But NFTs didn’t really hit the mainstream until 2017, when the Ethereum platform gained momentum. The CrytoPunks and CryptoKitties projects (using NFTs) were also born on the eth platform. In 2021, Everydays – The First 5000 Days, by the artist known as Beeple, sold for $69.3 million. To date, it’s the most expensive piece of digital art in history.

What is the purpose of NFT?

An NFT makes any digital file unique. When you purchase an NFT, you purchase exclusive ownership of the unique work included in this NFT. However, the artist keeps his copyright and reproduction rights. The buyer gets certain rights, such as publishing the work online. An NFT can be associated with:

digital painting;

a video, such as NBA Top Shot basketball videos;
A meme;
a photograph ;
a collector’s item, a card, for example;
a video game element (avatars, skins), such as those of Cryptokitties;
a ticket for some events, such as a concert;
a movie ;
a patent ;
a virtual object that can be used in a virtual world with a virtual reality headset, such as a pair of designer shoes;
an audio file, or a whole musical album like “When you see yourself” by the group King of Leon.

For an artist, a non-fungible token makes it possible to sell a digital file as we would sell a physical work. As for the buyer, the NFT makes it possible to support certain artists, collect digital works of art and speculate on these works.

What is Moody Krows NFT?


Moody Krows NFT is a collection of 10,000 randomly created Moody Krow NFTs on Immutable, a Layer 2 solution based on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s the FIRST PFP collectable on the IMX platform. This implies you can utilize your standard MetaMask wallet and ETH without any GAS FEES. These 10,000 Moody Krows NFT are an expressive collectable symbol made for Krowmunity! Not exclusively are Moody Krows NFT staggeringly in vogue, fun, and creative, yet they are likewise for a good purpose.

What’s Immutable X?


Immutable X (IMX) bills itself as a layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This project aims to improve Ethereum’s limitations, such as illiquidity issues, scalability, and poor user and developer experience.

Immuable X uses a technology known as StarkEx ZK-Rollup, a technology endorsed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. The aim is to create a user experience with zero gas fees for trading NFTs while avoiding compromising security.

The project presents itself as a “limitless exchange protocol”, with scalability of 9,000 transactions per second (TPS).

In short

IMX is an ERC-20 token

The project uses ZK-Rollup layer two technology.

IMX enables up to 9,000 TPS.

IMX has a circulating supply of 240 million and a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens.

Who developed Immutable X?

It was founded by James Ferguson, a Forbes “30 Under 30” entrepreneur who previously worked as a software developer at e-commerce company ShopYak.

The team consists of approximately 100 members from various backgrounds, including people from FAANG, traditional finance, fintech and management consulting.

In total, IMX gathered $15 million in its 2018 seed round and September 2019 Series A funding round. These investors included crypto and blockchain “who’s who” such as Coinbase, Sapers, Nirvana Capital, Apex Capital Partners, Continue Capital and Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital.

Immutable X attempts to fill several gaps in the cryptocurrency industry by leveraging Ethereum layer 2 technology.

The project’s goal is to meet the needs of users of all experience levels but primarily focuses on entry-level users while building a platform for NFT businesses to grow.

Value Chart of ImmutableX

Moody Krows, an adventure computer game, is conceivable solely after the inclusion of Immutable X. Its transactions are speedy, with a limit of 9000 exchanges in each second.

Token supply available to be purchased: 4lakh tokens (Supply-2%)

Fixed-deal cost: $10 per token

Buy limit least: $100

Buy limit greatest: $500

All out raised: $7,200,000

How to get to Moody Krows NFT?


Step-1: Get early admittance to Krowmunity. A pre-deal will direct with a more modest amount of 0.035 ETH for each NFT. You can find the discord link on Twitter.

Step-2: The forest will open that is selected for just the holders of Moody Krow.

Step-3: The wallet of Krowmunity will open. Spread your wings wide. You can utilize the Krowmunity wallet to reuse your cash in a similar task.

Step-4: You can profit from the privilege for just MoodyKrow proprietors to win an opportunity of Moody Krows NFT.

Step-5: Unlock highly classified achievements in this progression. CODENAME:- Moody Pebbles. Mooodykrows should gather these pebbles while investigating the metaverse.

Step-6: MoodyKrows holders can raise their MoodKrows for the development of secret eggs. Every two Krows create just a single egg.

Step-7: A reward of 2.5% of complete deals and half a piece of the eminence will be conceded.

Why this craze for NFTs?

It sometimes seems difficult to understand the current craze for NFTs, especially when we see that some are traded for several million euros.

However, it can be explained by several factors:

NFTs are backed by blockchain technology, whose adoption is only just beginning thanks to its ability to decentralize and disintermediate and constitute the first visible use case for individuals.

They present a disruptive potential in many fields: art, video games, music, collectables, marketing/branding, loyalty, digital identity, and logistics. Not to mention the central role they will be called upon to play in the metaverses (virtual worlds), and the resulting economic potential.

They are a sign of belonging to a community.

Owning one or more NFTs attaches you to the community of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. More specifically, the majority of NFT collections are, in fact, backed by an underlying community, which actively interacts, exchanges, converses, shares, and (co-)creates on social networks. These communities are, for many of them, the first fully self-managed communities on the blockchain (“Decentralized Autonomous Organizations”, or DAO)

They are becoming social markers (online) and maybe tomorrow in the physical world. Owning a Crypto-punk or a Bored Ape online can be like owning a Lamborghini or a masterpiece in the physical world.

Finally, and this is maybe the most important point: it allows anyone to create. In the physical world, nothing is harder than breaking into the world of art.

The blockchain makes it possible to democratize artistic creation by popularizing new styles of artistic creation (pixel art, generative art, brutalism, etc.), by allowing the sale and exchange of one’s works in a dematerialized and instantaneous way and by resting the value of the work either on its unique “look and feel”, but also on its community and sometimes on an evolving project,

This is part of a broader underlying trend, where self-entrepreneurship and freelancing are increasingly widespread and where each individual is a potential one-man-business thanks to technology.

How to recognize a “good” NFT?

The blockchain is teeming with millions of NFTs, and several thousand are released daily. So how do you recognize the “good” NFTs? How do I know which one(s) to buy?

Ask yourself the question of what you are looking for when buying an NFT:

Own a work of art?

Access a community?

Financing a promising project?

Speculate / make profit (short-term or long-term)?

Depending on the objective or objectives you have chosen, your choice will fall into different categories of NFT.

The artistic NFT

Suppose it is the artistic impact you are looking for. In that case, your selection criteria will be more or less the same as when you buy a physical work of art and depend on your artistic sensibility: aesthetics of the work, the message carried, and rating from the artist.

Community NFT

Many NFT collections are backed by an active community (often in a Discord room). Buying one of these NFTs will allow you to belong to this community whose values ​​you share. Some NFTs will even allow you to access reserved community spaces, exclusive content or even resources that may be useful to you in your own projects.

The “project” NFT

Some NFT collections are the first elements of a larger project, which they will partly finance. These projects are often detailed in a “roadmap”, which can be viewed on the creators’ website or their social networks (mainly Discord and Twitter). The team is also presented there. Therefore before investing in any project, it is advisable to inquire beforehand.

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