Is IOEX Altcoin a Good Investment?


Is IOEX Altcoin a Good Investment?

Before answering this question, it is desirable to gather more information about IOEX. First of all, ioeX (Internet of Everything) is a network that is based on distributed smart devices. It aims to address the IoT space, protect data security, as well as build a platform for sharing data services through its own ecosystem and network.

IOEX has a total supply of 200,000,000. Its max supply is unknown. As of June 9, its price is $0.0059961.

Notably, the 24-hour trading volume is $338.20. The information about its market cap is unavailable. Furthermore, the current circulating supply is 0 IOEX.

Potential investors would be interested in the minimum price as well as the maximum price of IOEX. For instance, the minimum price is expected to be $0.07, and the maximum price is expected to reach $0.09 this year. If you plan to invest in IOEX, don’t forget to keep an eye on its price. Open Google Search and type “IOEX price,” “IOEX price prediction,” or “IOEX price live data.”

Unfortunately, IOEX is not very attractive to investors.

Exciting details about IOEX altcoin

The history of the crypto market is full of interesting events. In this article, we will discuss IOEX.

It has been listed on several crypto exchanges, but it can’t be directly purchased with fiat money. Nevertheless, you can still buy this coin by first buying USDT from any fiat-to-crypto exchanges, and the next move is to transfer it to the exchange that offers to trade this coin.

Hopefully, it is not too hard to buy IOEX. In order to purchase this coin, you need to buy one of the major cryptocurrencies, in this case, USDT. You can use as it is one of the most popular and convenient fiat-to-crypto exchanges.

You need to create an account on

This crypto exchange has the following advantages:

Easy to buy as well as trade among multiple assets, more than 50 and still adding.
More than 7 million people use
You have the ability to apply for an Uphold Debit card where you can spend the crypto assets on your account like a standard debit card! (U.S. only but will be in the U.K. later).
It is pretty easy to use its mobile app.
You don’t have to worry about hidden fees and any other account fees.

How to buy USDT with a fiat money


The first step was to register on fiat-to-crypto exchange, in our case and the second step is to buy USDT with fiat money.

After finishing the know your customer (KYC) process, you will be asked to add a payment method. You have two options.

The first option is to use your credit/debit card, and the other is a bank transfer. Keep in mind that the first option is more expensive. However, you will save time.

Interestingly, while a bank transfer will be cheaper but slower, depending on where you live, some countries will offer instant cash deposit with low fees.

The next move is to click on the ‘Transact’ screen under the ‘From’ field, select your fiat currency and then on the ‘To’ field, choose USDT, click on the preview to review your transaction, and then click on the “confirm” if everything looks good. You must be proud of yourself as you have just made your first crypto purchase.

Another important step is to transfer USDT to an altcoin exchange. Since IOEX is an altcoin, we have to transfer our USDT to an exchange where IOEX can be traded. In this case, we will use MXC.

It is a popular exchange to trade altcoins, and MXC has a large number of tradable altcoin pairs. Visit MXC’s website in order to register an account.

This exchange was launched several years ago in 2018. It is a centralized exchange registered in Seychelles. MXC supports CNY, VND, GBP, EUR, USD, AUD deposit, CNY, and VND withdrawal.

MXC offers trading in 242 coins and has 374 trading pairs. Furthermore, it is on top of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wave and constantly adds support for DeFi coins.

What’s next?

After going through a similar process as we have done in the case of Uphold, you will be advised to create a 2FA authentication as well; finish it as it adds extra security to your account.

Deposit USDT to exchange

You need to deposit USDT to exchange. Depending on the policies of the crypto exchange, you might be required to go through another KYC process; the process should usually take you from 30 minutes to possibly a few days maximum. Hopefully, once you are done with the process, you should have full access to your exchange wallet.

However, if this is your first making a crypto deposit, the screen may look a bit scary. Don’t worry; it is basically more straightforward compared to a bank transfer. At the box on the right, you will notice a string of accidental numbers saying ‘USDT address.’

Keep in mind that this is a unique public address of your USDT wallet at MXC, as well as you can receive USDT by giving this unique public address to the person to send you the funds.

As we are now transferring our previously bought USDT on UpHold to this exchange wallet, click on the ‘Copy Address’ or right-click on the full address and click copy to grab this address to your clipboard.

Now go back to UpHold, go to the Transact screen and click on the USDT on the “From” field; the amount you want to send and on the “To” field choose USDT under “Crypto Network,” then click on the “Preview withdraw.”

Part two

Let’s continue; on the next screen, paste the wallet address from your clipboard; for security consideration, you should always check if both addresses match. It is no secret that there are certain computer malware that would change the content in your clipboard into another waller address, and you will be essentially sending funds to another person.

After reviewing, click on the ‘Confirm’ to proceed; you should receive a confirmation email instantly, click on the confirmation email, and your coins are on the way to MXC.

Now you need to go back to MXC and head to your exchange wallets, don’t panic if you haven’t seen your deposit here. Most likely, it is still being verified in the blockchain network, and it should take several minutes for your coins to arrive. Also, depending on the network traffic condition of the USDT network, during busy times, the process may take even longer.

Remember that you should receive a confirmation notification from MXC once your USDT has arrived. Congratulations! Now you are ready to purchase this coin.

Return to MXC, then go to ‘Exchange’! The continually flicking figures might be a bit strange; nevertheless, relax, let’s get our heads around this.

We are almost done. Importantly, in the right column, there is a search bar; you need to check that “USDT” is selected as we are trading USDT to altcoin pair. You need to click on it and type in “IOEX” you should notice IOEX/USDT, pick that pair, and you should notice a price chart of IOEX/USDT in the middle of the page.

Last details


Unsurprisingly, below there is a box with a green button. It says “Buy IOEX” inside of the box; choose the “Market” pick the market tab here as that is the most straightforward type of buying orders. Notably, you can either type in your amount, or another option is to choose what portion of your deposit you want to spend on buying by clicking on the percentage buttons.

When you have confirmed everything, the last move is to click on the “Buy IOEX.” That’s it! Good Job! You have finally bought IOEX

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