EarthFund Releases to Promote Democratized Funding


EarthFund Releases to Promote Democratized Funding

EarthFund decided to promote democratized funding. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have great potential to improve the world and become a massive force for good; Until now, however, the technology was for short-term profits. Consequently, it has minimal impact on those who need it. According to Adam Boalt, co-founder of EarthFund, the technology is not yet entirely popular mainly because of its usability.

This is what the firm aims to change. In his estimation, crypto indigenous peoples have been spending their energy often for non-serious reasons. For example, they are trying to buy a profile picture of a paper or a virtual monkey. However, with EarthFund, the scheme focuses on the availability of cryptocurrency; So that everyone can use its potential; it also helps for truly changing reasons to get the funding they deserve.

It is worth noting that in the past, blockchain projects favored decentralized autonomous organizations as a transparent channel for attracting donations, tracking them down, and ensuring that every penny reaches the needy. UkraineDAO and the Constitution after DAO to fund real-world causes; The concept of creating DAOs has become vital. Although they showed the power of symbolic encouragement, Crypto as a power to do good, many of these charitable DAOs proved to be not so influential.

Nevertheless, the creation of a funding DAO was strictly adhered to; As a task, only experienced Solidity developers could do it. Regular companies and individuals could not build the infrastructure needed for DAO, limiting the technology’s potential impact.

EarthFund Plans

EarthFund aims to change this through a simple and intuitive interface, allowing anyone to set up DAOs to fund their favorite causes; With real and significant impacts. With simple UI and a complete folder ecosystem approach, Founders, donors, and users can make their voices louder in the real world. Also, they can easily set up their DAOs, raise funds, and offer even a symbolic incentive to attract more people to contribute.

The EarthFund Toolkit is for participants in all three classes of DAO initiatives. For founders, it offers an intuitive, plug-and-play platform, allowing you to run ERC-20 tokens and DAOs without gas control. For users, the platform brings rewards for their use and voting; To advance the cause to which they have committed themselves. EarthFund offers donors a place to donate cryptocurrency to those dedicated to auditing projects and is confident that the money will make as much of an impact as possible. For starters, the platform incorporates pilot initiatives from top philanthropists, which aim to set up funding DAOs for mental health and carbon removal.

According to Deepak Chopra, the company sees a change in the crypto space, from focusing on short-term profit to using it to create a better future for everyone. That’s why it is partnering with EarthFund to launch the NeverAlone Token. Democratization and decentralization should also be implemented; To receive funding for mental health crisis management projects, they need to make changes.

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