Cryptostone offers innovative approach to developing Defi  


Cryptostone offers an innovative approach to developing Defi  


Cryptostone is an anonymous, No-KYC blockchain ecosystem. It utilizes blockchain technology as a financial tool in people’s lives. Cryptostone launched its native utility token – $CPS specifically for its project. This company offers a very diverse and interesting ecosystem. The latter includes Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway (CPG), ICO Launchpad, and Centralized cryptocurrency Exchange (CX). Moreover, Cryptostone boasts its own DEX and Decentralized Worldwide Stock Market (DWSM). The company’s Main Net is great. Its wallet will enable users to move and safeguard their tokens easily.

In addition, the team offers Crypto Forex Services, NFTs, DeFi Lending, Smart Contracts, and Escrow service for P2P trades. Users can tokenize assets and earn money. Companies or business people will be able to use Cryptostone’s crypto payment gateway on their website to provide an alternative payment method for their customers. Thanks to its centralized exchange, people will be able to trade easily and anonymously in a safe way. Meanwhile, Cryptostone’s decentralized exchange will enable users to launch their own exchange and trade in a fully decentralized and peer-to-peer way.

The company also provides a Decentralized Worldwide Stock Market to facilitate fundraising events for its customers. It makes the fundraising and investment process inclusive and easily accessible based on decentralized listing and delisting by blockchain consensus.


What makes Cryptostone a good choice among the other similar platforms? 

The world of central decision-makers is slowly coming to an end. People must make decisions by consensus and freely. Cryptostone is against banks and stock exchanges. Its team strongly believes in crypto-anarchism, in which people will employ digital pseudonyms, cryptographically protected anonymization technologies, and digital money to circumvent state control – censorship, surveillance, and taxation.

Cryptostone is the company of Crypto‐anarchists, and it aims to provide conditions for getting rid of state interference. To this end, the team is going toward balance and equity with access to modern global financial services. And it plans to achieve that goal by decentralizing and eliminating cumbersome, slowing, and restrictive banks, as well as stock exchanges’ rules.

The company claims that people should not wait for the wave of change. It doesn’t want to wait for the wave of changes to pass over it; Instead, Cryptostone wants to become Mainstream. This startup is pretty ambitious with lofty goals. It wants to create an anonymous ecosystem over a blockchain to utilize blockchain technology as a financial tool in people’s life.

Furthermore, the team aims to solve some of the current problems in blockchain-based projects. Cryptostone will enable businesses to accelerate digital transformation thanks to its multiple advantages. The latter includes utilizing blockchain for various purposes. For example, the company will use it as a standard for digital transactions, a game-changer in the supply chain, and architecture for connectivity. Besides, the blockchain will become an accelerator of business processes, a platform for smart contracts, and fuel for the finance function.


What about the CPS token’s ICO sale? 

The total supply of CPS tokens is 29,000,000,000. The company plans to distribute these tokens in 50 phases. The token’s price will increase by 10% during each phase. The initial CPS price was $0.000033, but in the final phase, it will be $0.0035. The team launched its initial coin offering recently, and it ends on June 28, 2022. Despite its somewhat risky nature, this project is quite popular, and its token is also trending.

This company will provide some great features to both big companies and startups. Small businesses can also benefit from Cryptostone as it offers a new form of payment and provides safer and cheaper cloud storage. In addition, businesses will be able to leverage smart contracts in this ecosystem and use them for capital raising. Cryptostone also offers the option of paying employees in crypto.

However, the platform has a $10,000 limit for private and public sales transactions as it wants to help implement the anti-whale mechanism. Moreover, it has a vesting mechanism to help prevent dumping. The team also has a scheduled timesheet for the distribution of Airdrops and ICOs. Thanks to this mechanism, the platform will distribute tokens within 12 weeks after the start. If the recipient dumps, the distribution of their tokens will be delayed for three months after the last distribution.


BattleRoyale’s ICO sale is ending. You don’t want to miss this token 

BattleRoyale plans to become the first last-man-standing shooter platform powered by blockchain technology. The team began its initial coin offering on March 22, 2022. However, the sale will end on June 30, 2022. The price of 1 BATTLE is 0.01 USD, but its value will increase in the future. The total supply of BATTLE is 1000000000. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, TRX, BNB, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its native tokens.

BattleRoyale is a fun and immersive game. It enables players to fight against other people (FREE2PLAY) or bet on themselves (PLAY2EARN). Users will earn BATTLE tokens if they succeed in a match of 30 people and become the BattleMaster.

Furthermore, gamers can equip their character and weapons with awesome-looking skins to make their win look even fancier. Skins are also unique NFTs. That means players not only impress other participants with them but trade them on NFT marketplaces if needed.

Overall, BattleRoyale is a great blockchain-based game that boasts a very popular last-man-standing shooter style. Before starting a game, players can choose a character from the platform’s character selection. The choice of the character has no influence on the gameplay, though; it is only a visual distinction.


What about the game? 

At the start of the game, users will fly over the game map and choose a landing point. After landing, they must find weapons as quickly as possible and fill up their loot with them. On different levels, they can find weapons of different strengths. According to the team, players will also pick up other surprises. Once they fill their loot, it’s time to go hunting for enemies.

Unlike already established last-man-standing shooter games, BattleRoyale only allows 30 players per round. That increases the chance for even below-average gamers to get one of the top places. A round will go on until only one player is left standing.


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