Crypto Blocks offers a way to profit. MNZ token is very hot


Crypto Blocks offers a way to profit. MNZ token is very hot


Crypto Blocks stand out among other DAOs with its interesting features. The USA-based founder team launched this project on April 20, 2022. Based on crypto investing, Crypto Blocks is an open-source initiative on the Ethereum network.

The project is run by users across the world with $BLOCKS governance token. Typically, DAOs are primarily technical and social communities oriented around specific aims and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. They do not necessarily imply the existence of traditional corporate forms. Community members collectively own and manage Crypto Blocks DAO. And its treasuries are accessible only with the approval of the members. The users can make major and minor decisions through proposals, with the community voting during a specific period.

Crypto Blocks has two distinct branches currently: NFTs and Tokens. The DAO currently holds 10,000 NFTs with 7-tiers ranked by rarity. According to the team, higher tiers offer more exclusive benefits, like access to the Crypto Blocks Educate program. The company decided to limit quantities sold per person to increase fair distribution for both NFTs and tokens. The total supply of BLOCKS is currently 238 million tokens. The team will use some of these tokens for project development and sell or lock others.

Moreover, the company plans to launch the Crypto Block Educate Program. The latter will go live in mid-August 2022. The Crypto Blocks Educate program is dedicated to bridging the gap between the expert and the layman.


Why is this program important? 

Cryptocurrency is a unique industry, and some people may find it difficult to understand or navigate it. There is no centralized model of education in place, and it’s difficult to find a trusted source of knowledge to learn from.

However, Crypto Blocks Educate aims to reduce this disparity through its database of videos. These online lessons will be accessible to Crypto Blocks users who want to increase their knowledge of crypto and how to invest in it. Moreover, this program offers users an easy-to-navigate video archive that will provide them with the information they need to go from crypto amateur to crypto expert. The goal of the program is to take a person with little to no knowledge about crypto or Defi and educate them to the level of a professional crypto investor.

The team will also launch the ICO sale on June 15, 2022. It will end on June 17, 2022. 32,130,000 BLOCKS will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering. That is 13.5% of the total supply. Investors will be able to buy the tokens on the PinkSale platform.


Menzy also offers opportunities for gain

Menzy is a passive move-to-earn project that provides additional features. Among those is a competition to earn and various activities based on machine vision. The team noted that these segments each contain reward mechanisms. The latter grant customers MNZ tokens once activated as the segmentation classes or sub-categories. The platform will identify the users by using a facial biometric spoof-proof AI-driven technology to validate their authenticity and make sure the user is not cheating.

This Move-to-Earn Platform is also integrated with a Health App and a Fitness Metaverse. Thanks to it, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will be able to train virtually, get rewarded, and ultimately have a virtual one-stop-shop solution.

Menzy plans to introduce a unique M2E body movement count system to enable users to earn passive income in the form of MNZ Tokens. Currently, a lot of current M2E systems are only step-counts. However, the Menzy team has developed a unique algorithmic system that detects any sort of activity or sport happening with the help of users’ camera-enabled devices. This system visually detects the activity being performed.

Moreover, the company offers solutions for various problems plaguing the Move to earn space. As a result, its platform will be able to do way more than just step counts (walking, jogging, running). People can undertake multiple activities within the same app by simply using computer vision to estimate rewards. There is also an increased social aspect – the team wants to add compete-to-earn to enable users to compete with their friends and with people around the world.


What about other benefits? 

Menzy also offers better anti-spoof detection systems for steps, virtual training and rewards for achieving goals, a low-cost barrier to entry (less than 100 USD to start using the app for steps), and various activities to undertake in the metaverse with VR integration. Token holders will have their own wallets to save earnings and utilize their tokens.

This is also an excellent opportunity for people who work from home and are less active people. Menzy gives them the financial motivation to move and adopt a healthy lifestyle. At last, computer vision will have the ability to detect activities. The platform will use more than just GPS. A pedometer sensor in the form of a camera will detect activities.

The team will launch the MNZ native token on June 24, 2022. The ICO sale will end on June 25, 2022. The token price will be $0.006000 per MNZ during the initial coin offering. This coin has already attracted investors’ attention as it offers easy ways to profit.

The platform combines NFTs, Move2Earn, FitFi, Compete2Earn, and SocialFi. It also allows users to maintain a healthy living, becoming a source of motivation by offering rewards for participating in real-world physical exercise and activities.


Menzy will offer the rewards as well

The company stated that rewards include: MNZ Tokens, exclusive seasonal NFTs, FitBit Smart Watches, in-app upgrades, free training and consultation sessions with professional athletes, and free gym memberships in specific countries in the World.

However, users will have to meet some conditions to get started on the Menzy Application. For example, they must have an android or iOS smartphone as they’ll need GPS Location for the game to track the movement. In addition, users will have to open the Metamask wallet (connect to BSC Chain) to take rewards and NFTs. And they must stake $MNZ Tokens in Stake Management to participate in Menzy Move.


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