Chain of Legends is launching hot CLEG token. Don’t miss it


Chain of Legends is launching a hot CLEG token. Don’t miss it


Chain of Legends is an exciting Play-to-Earn game. It boasts strong tokenomics, ensuring that both investors and players will earn reasonable profits while they have fun playing the game. The latter unites various parts, such as Mining, PvP Battles, Adventures, Guild Wars, etc. Each part offers various difficulties, profits, and risks at the same time. According to the team, mining is the safest part. On the other hand, PvP battles and guild wars need more strategies, as well as teamwork, to achieve victory and earn a valuable prize.

Users will be able to earn NFT tokens in this game. They can start with buying land and building a CLEG token mine to start gaining game coins. Moreover, players can directly sell tokens in exchanges or expand their empire by creating a Stone mine and an Iron mine. That will generate more resources that users need for progress. Gamers will also build barracks and train troops. Besides, they can explore the world, kill monsters, find dungeons, and collect treasuries. Troops will gain experience and levels in every battle and adventure.

Players can fight with other game participants to occupy the treasure island and collect treasures. But they will need to defend the island they have occupied from other players’ invasion. All fights are automated on the platform. Each user will be able to use a strategy and set the formation of troops before the fight. They can also watch the battle replay.

Chain of Legends also offers a great marketplace where users will trade resources, troops, and lands. Each player can get a free mine and land with low mining speed and capacity to start the game.


When will the CLEG token’s ICO start? 

The company plans to launch its hot native utility token CLEG on July 3, 2022. The sale will end on July 4, 2022. 6,250,000 CLEG will be available for purchase for the price of $0.008000. That is 0.00625% of the total supply. The team aims to raise $50,000 with the sale, and it will accept USDT in exchange for CLEG tokens.

Chain of Legends is using many mechanisms to control the price and reduce pumps, as well as dumps and continuous price decline that has happened to some blockchain games. The team noted that 70% of all the tokens that gamers spend in the game would burn. Meanwhile, the remaining 30% will move back to the reward pool. The company plans to mine the last token in the 2034 year or later. After that, it will use the reserved token pool to continue the game’s economy.

Compound interest is thus far the biggest issue in current blockchain games. Players with little investment reinvest their income into the game in the beginning. That is good for the game’s economy. After a while, users will reach an enormous income. The latter grows faster than the community, and all seems well. But when people start cashing out, the token price will decrease continuously.

To prevent this issue and control token supply in the market, the team will generate limited lands to mine per day. That means there will be limited tokens to mine every day, like most blockchain coins. If all available lands get sold out, gamers will have to place bids for the next land, so they will have to pay more tokens to own land to begin mining. That will increase the token demand while simultaneously decreasing its supply.


What are Mining Cycles, and how do they work? 

Mining Cycles will also benefit the CLEG token holders. At the beginning of the game, 2000 lands (Uncommon, Common, Rare, and Legendary) will be available for buying every day. These lands offer 1,300,000 tokens in total to mine. However, after each cycle, the platform will reduce tokens of new lands by 5%. In addition, token mining will reduce by 5% after each cycle. The team pointed out that the duration of the first cycle will be at least ten days up to all the lands sold out. But the second cycle will last 11 days, and so on. Every cycle will be one day longer than the previous one. The platform may increase cycle duration if all of the lands don’t get sold out.

Chain of Legends’s deflationary system will limit token mining and supply. At the same time, the company will burn tokens aggressively and reduce mining rewards over time. Thanks to such a strategy, game tokens will become more and more rare and valuable. As NFTs are priced by game’s token, they will become more valuable over time, even more, valuable than tokens. Thanks to the deflationary system, buying and holding game tokens will be very profitable, along with game NFTs.

Still, this game is free-to-play. That means users can play or even earn game tokens without investment in various ways. For example, they can try free mining. Each player will have a free NFT land in the Marketplace called “Desert.” They can start mining without investing there. When a user mines up Desert land tokens, they can get another free from the Marketplace, again and again.


​PlayZap’s native token is also trending. What does it offer? 

PlayZap is another play-to-earn community-driven gaming platform that has attracted investors’ attention lately. Its players will be able to compete in proven and highly engaging skill-based competitive games. They will win various crypto rewards in the process.

The team has built the PlayZap platform specifically for real-time, multiplayer online games. Its goal is to develop an infrastructure that can power fun and engaging online games. The company also wants to build a platform that generates revenue for game developers and content creators. Moreover, it will reward the users for their time investment and their focus.

PlayZap is building a framework that will allow anyone to create and publish multiplayer online games on the blockchain. The platform will offer all the tools needed to succeed. Non-fungible tokens and blockchain tech will transform the gaming industry, and PlayZap wants to be a part of this change. PLAYZAP token is already very popular. The total supply of the tokens is 150,000,000. Users can acquire these tokens by playing the game.


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