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BTG Capital

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Forex & CFD


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Financial Services Commission (‘FSC’)


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General Information & First Impressions
Fund and Account Security
Registration at BTG Capital
The Trading Accounts Trading, and Free Education. a review of a Trading Platform
Trading Products 
Final thoughts

Is it worth investing in BTG Capital? Let’s find out!

In this review, we will go through the broker that offers top-notch analytical tools for experienced traders and educational courses to help out the beginners. Let’s look through everything that BTG Capital has to offer so that we can find out together whether it is worth investing.


General Information & First Impressions

BTG Capital is a currency, stock, forex, and other asset trading service provider. It offers these assets as CFDs, allowing users to pick and choose from different classes and make the perfect portfolio. Our BTG Capital review will focus on trader-first features, such as pricing, service quality, and security. And right off the bat, some may not care for the fact that the broker offers its assets via CFDs. Many traders have been subject to egregious misinformation about CFDs to the point that some believe they are a scam.

Like any asset type, they are far from a scam, and they offer a unique set of advantages. The first and most significant one is that they allow brokers like BTG Capital to offer diverse assets. Beyond that, they also lower the trading cost, increase execution speed, and boost liquidity. The trade-off is, of course, the fact that you don’t have ownership of the underlying assets.

But unless you plan on becoming a majority shareholder of a company or are a hardcore crypto enthusiast, there’s very little difference. Hence, we’d say BTG Capital’s approach favors the majority of its potential customers. 

As for the broker specifically, it offers a smooth and streamlined website with an emphasis on user experience. It presents the core aspects of the broker well right on the home page, and the navigation is simple. If you want to learn something about the company and its service, it’s fairly easy to do so.

That all results in a positive start to our BTG Capital review. The company favors users, and it seems as if it has numerous useful features that set it apart from other brokers.


Fund and Account Security

As part of business operations, the company collects personal information through websites, widgets, mobile applications, and other platforms. Accordingly, the firm will process the information you provide directly to the company. This information may be at the time of registration or account opening; Also participate in any interactive function of the Services, including contests and promotions; Or make a purchase, request help or customer support service. New users have to put their basic data like name, surname, email address, and phone number during the signup. This will help them secure their accounts and receive perfect service on their accounts.

After registering an account, BTG Capital requests additional information to build a portfolio that will be used in trading. The firm’s information may include date and place of birth, country of origin, place of residence, citizenship, residency status, and tax ID.

BTG Capital may collect additional information about personal experience in trading, Which relates to investment, financial goals, profession, source of income, annual income, and investment portfolio.

The company’s security is exceptionally secure; therefore, for further identification, BTG Capital may require clients to provide copies of identification documents; This may be necessary to fulfill regulatory obligations and verify identity.

Based on the information you provide, the company will be able to verify your identity and conduct verification as required by applicable laws and regulations. You will be able to contact BTG Capital about your account issues, including your account status.

Receive account updates and notifications, including market updates. Setting security measures is an essential component of protecting your account; Among them, two-factor authentication is recommended.


Registration at BTG Capital

Registration in BTG Capital is quite simple. You will only need a few minutes to do this. Your data should include first name, last name, email, date of birth, country, mobile number, residential address, city, zip code, and currency. After that, you already have an account.


The Trading Accounts

At BTG Capital, you choose the type of trade that best suits your vision and personal needs. If you can not decide, reach our dedicated account manager to help you choose which account suits your investments best. The good news is that the choices are pretty significant. This is a space for beginners to experienced traders. The minimum deposit for beginners is $500, including Basic Market Access, No Extra Fees, One Click Trading, Mobile Apps, Web 

Here is a short overview of the account packages offered on the website. 


Suitable for beginners – it is easy to manage and comfortable to use during the first stages of trading. 

The minimum deposit required – is $500

What’s included:

Basic Market Access
No Extra Fees
One-Click Trading
Mobile Apps
Web Trading
Free Education



The basic account offers nearly the same perks as a beginner one, however, there is a significant difference between deposits – $ 5,000 is the minimum deposit required. 



This account offers additional trading features – you can find them at The minimum deposit required is $ 20,000 and the account includes free market updates. 

But, if you find yourself craving more sophistication and you can take a look at Expert, Investor and Premium account types offered on the website.  As an advanced trader you’ll get full market access, personal SMS & Push alerts, dedicated support, and no extra fees. 



Trading in Islam is often considered haram, so we were pleasantly surprised to see in our, BTG Capital review; that the broker, offers an Islamic trading account so that everyone can feel included and can trade and invest in the stock market. offers four main principles for Islamic Accounts: 

Immediate execution of trading orders
Prohibition on the use of any interest rates
No Gambling – ban on all types of gambling. 
Separation of risk and profit. 

The Islamic account is a halal trading account offered to clients who respect the Quran and want to invest in the stock market following the principles of the Islamic faith.


Additional Perks on

In addition to all of this, you can also become a VIP member. You will get access to new features, best prices, priority support, and exclusive events from your VIP account manager.

The best part is that you can compare all the trading account conditions and choose the best option for yourself! However, in case you get overwhelmed and cannot decide, reach to the dedicated account manager on the platform. The support team will help you choose which account suits your investments best. Trading, and Free Education

The minimum deposit for Basic is $5,000; it includes Basic Market Access, No Extra Fees, Click Trading, Mobile Apps, Free Education, and Web Trading. 

The minimum deposit for the Trader package is $20,000. This package includes Basic Market Access, No Extra Fees, One Click Trading, Free Education, Web Trading, and Market Updates.

The minimum premium deposit is $50,000 and includes the following features: Basic Market Access, No Extra Fees, One Click Trading, Dedicated Support, Personal Push&SMS Alerts, and Exclusive Market Updates.

The minimum deposit for Premium Pro is $100,000. It consists of the following functionalities: Full Market Access, No Extra Fees, One Click Trading, Daily Analysis, Private Account Manager, and Free Installment.

The Investor package is for professional investors. The minimum deposit is $250,000. Features include One Click Trading, Dedicated Support, Personal Push & SMS Alerts, Exclusive Market Updates, Full Market Access, and No Extra Fees.

The minimum deposit for Expert’s functionality is one million dollars. This includes interviewing and assisting company specialists.

The minimum deposit for VIP functionality is exactly one million dollars. VIP membership means access to new features, best prices, priority support, and exclusive events from your VIP account manager. a review of a Trading Platform

You have the opportunity to trade through the website and use all the functionality that your trade needs. 

In addition, you can also apply for mobile trading, which will make the process easier for you.

And the third option additionally is the client terminal. You can download the BTG Capital trading platform on your desktop and start investing through your favorite financial instruments.


BTG Capital Review of Trading Products

BTG Capital Trading Platform allows you to trade with stocks and currencies ranging from indices and commodities. Changing your journey in one click is easier with BTG Capital. Buy or sell with a single click. Simplified operations will allow you to save time and energy.


BTG Capital Review – Customer Support

If you have any questions you can reach the customer service phone number line for any questions. 

Please email the broker regarding any inquire or concerns.

Phone number: +18009821027

You can also connect via online Chat Support: in case of emergency, you can get connected to chat instantly with an assistant in real-time.


BTG Capital Review: Final thoughts

BTG Capital offers simple ways to make trading more attractive and convenient. In fact, they include telephone communication. If you have any questions, you can quickly contact the company. Also, chat support will give you immediate answers on topics of interest to you. Also, email, where you can send your request or any issue you want to clarify in writing, will be eliminated.

Ultimately, BTG Capital is a company that allows you to make the trading process successful, fast, and tailored to your needs with minimal time and energy expenditure.

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