Brigadethugs’ ICO token is trending. Why’s that?


Brigadethugs is a new gaming platform that is becoming increasingly popular. It unites multiple Play-to-earn battle games, offering players immersive plot and advanced graphics. The team integrated all games within the Brigade Arena ecosystem. Thanks to the latter, users will enjoy great incentives along with playing the game and participating in various battles. The network will enable them to interact with each other, watch, perform, and explore this interesting virtual world.

Brigadethugs aims to revolutionize the traditional gaming world. To achieve that goal, the company will integrate gaming with the blockchain, providing customers with a completely decentralized experience. Users and creators will have direct ownership of their in-game items. Besides, the platform will be completely transparent – the team plans to deliver a secure and limitless experience.

Moreover, there are are several roles to fulfill on the platform. For example, as a citizen, players pick up arms to fight like soldiers or brigades. They will have control within their cities. There are lots of plots of land located within a large city. This game offers the users opportunity to feel real-world adventures through its Augmented Reality experience. Players will enjoy finding resources, discovering rare NFTs, and playing minigames.

 The platform launched its native utility token – BTHG, on October 10, 2022. The sale will end on April 10, 2023. The total supply of coins is 10000000000, but only some percentage is available for purchase at this stage. The company accepts BNB in exchange for BTHG.

As an enormous multiplayer online game platform, Brigadethugs’ ecosystem will host multiple P2E battle games, all of which will be integrated with the ecosystem. Besides, players can participate in battles and become part of the mesmerizing Gaming world.

The team has designed the BTHG token to be the means of access to immersive and fun gaming experiences. It will allow token holders to purchase NFTs with BTHG and participate in managing the ecosystem.

The company will provide fun gaming events for its community members, giving them access to rewards in BTHG and non-fungible tokens.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)Token

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