ATFX – Jordan’s ASWAQ Invest Has Something for You


ATFX – Jordan’s ASWAQ Invest Has Something for You

ATFX has announced a new partnership that will allow traders in the Middle East to take advantage of ATX’s cutting-edge services. The company says it is partnering with ASWAQ Invest, an investment firm based out of Amman, to clean Jordan for this exclusive opportunity.

This week, a new office was opened in Jordan to serve customers across the Levant. The Forex & CFDs Broker  has been making strides toward expanding its services throughout this region by establishing themselves more permanently here with an eye on opening up even further branches soon!

Talking of their new venture, Joe Li, the Chairman of ATFX, had this to say,

“The past few years have seen Jordan re-emerging as a strong financial center in the region to establish a robust regulatory framework under the JSC. This has led to further stabilization of the trading environment resulting in a safer and secure marketplace for traders. In keeping with our continuous growth into regulated markets and focusing on providing our traders with real value and trading security, we are pleased to be a part of this strong framework and environment.”

ATFX has licenses in several jurisdictions which it uses to offer trading services. The company holds permissions from the regulators of Great Britain, Cyprus and Mauritius while also operating within Saint Vincent & Grenadines’ rules for financial professionals who want access there as well.

The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) has become an important partner in the production of this new service. The JSC was integral to ASWAQ Invest’s success by providing regulations and oversight that are necessary for any financial firm looking into partnering with them.

The firm’s platform has seen significant growth in recent months, with 8% more active traders during the first quarter of 2022 compared to last year. In addition, $400 billion worth trade was performed on their network this past April alone!

Jordan: The New FX Market?

The local financial industry is thriving with many brokers now offering services in Jordan. These include ATFX, who have made key appointments for their expansion into the region while other companies like them also opened branches here and stronger presence throughout this AME country!

The country of Jordan is a strategically important location for many business ventures. This becomes especially true when one considers the rise in popularity and accessibility throughout Central Asia, which has led to an increase in both competition from other financial institutions as well as new clients searching out services they need or want outside their home turf.

In 2020, signed a partnership deal with ASWAQ Invest to enter the country and take advantage of its growing economy.

For many companies around this time, it’s not just enough anymore; they need experts in marketing who know how best to sell their products or services on an international scale – which includes understanding different cultures across borders.

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